Paramedics at the Spahn Ranch: another story from the Fogel family massacre

When the Fogel family was slaughtered by Muslims, I compared the crime scene photos to those at the “Manson Murders.”

Now imagine finding out that, while Manson’s crew were down at Cielo Drive, Los Angeles paramedics were called out to Manson’s “family” compound — already known as a criminal hangout by the authorities — and gave CPR to Squeaky Fromme.

Well, here you go then…

Reading this article, I could not help but note the stark contrast between this story and the news of the massacre, between the actions of Israelis and the behavior of Palestinians. The Palestinian taxi driver raced towards the Jewish forces because he knew they would help the Palestinian woman and her unborn child … and that is exactly what the Israelis did.

Yet not far away, Palestinians had smashed a window of a Jewish family’s home, entered, stabbed the husband, mother, and three children, and slit all of their throats, decapitating their infant child.

As news of the murders spread, the Palestinians celebrated with fireworks and dancing in the streets. They handed out candy and other treats in a display of jubilation.

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