Coming soon: The Bernie Farber Pre-Death Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in Memorial Construction and Award Presentation

Mark Steyn, January 14, 2009:

Canada’s Greatest Living Hero Congratulates Himself (…)

One charitably assumed they were unable to take time out of their hectic schedule of deciding whether to give Richard Warman or Warren Kinsella the CJC Greatest Hero of the Century award, and then someone said, “Well, maybe we should upgrade it to Greatest Hero of the Millennium”, and you know how these meetings can drag on.

March 11 2009:

Canada is now a land where taxpayer-funded Jew-haters call for a new Holocaust – with impunity. This happened on your watch, Bernie Farber – while you were busy throwing awards dinners for Richard Warmfront saluting him as All-Time Greatest Human Rights Activist Of All Time.

April 7, 2010

No doubt he and Catsmeat and Richard Warman were too busy, off in the banqueting suite of some hotel awarding awards for Most Outstandingly Outstanding Anti-Hate Warrior of the Millennium back and forth to each other all afternoon.

Scaramouche, March 24, 2011:

Let’s see: in recent weeks the Ceej has been the driving force behind that shiny wheely-thing monument over in Halifax and a new plaque commemorating “the CJC’s historic role.” If approved, this Holocaust monument would add up to a Ceej memorial marker trifecta.

Whassup with all this frantic memorializing? Does the Ceej want us to think that the group with the most plaques/monuments wins? Or, more likely, does it want us to think that it’s really busy doing very important things for Canadian Jews–things like, er, getting us new plaques–so that we will clamour for it to stick around and not get lost in a proposed restructuring?

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