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Journalists! Your moral and intellectual superiors! (Andrew Coyne Edition)

Andrew Coyne always looks like needs a laxative.

Now we know why:

At least one esteemed member of the media sat on this story, feeling it somehow not newsworthy that a man running for Prime Minister was a found in at a house of prostitution.

Hey, Coyne: a journalist bragging about his own lousy news judgement in public?



‘What’s next? We’re gonna let your people set what the legal alcohol limit is for driving?’

Nick DiPaolo on Tough Crowd

Nick DiPaolo | Myspace Video

PS: more HERE


‘A few years ago, I raised the ceiling on my own house’

Mark Steyn writes:

You can do that – up to a point. It depends on whether your foundation is solid and your framing is structurally sound. But, even if they are, you take it too high, and the roof falls in. We’re structurally about as screwed up as you can get, and the foundation is badly cracked. But hey, let’s just jack the roof up a little higher one more time. What could go wrong?


Come back, Luftwaffe — all is forgiven

All you need to know about England, 2011:

There are trees in the cathedral, the Archbishop’s a Druid, and nobody knows the words to “Jerusalem.”



Journalismism! ‘Atlantic’ Senior Editor pretty damn fascinated by TV show ratings from… 2009

I seem to recall writing something about a similar graph when it came out.

But don’t mind me. I’m just the dumb schmuck who knows that the show isn’t about sexual wife swapping. Cuz I’m not one of those “I don’t watch TV” guys who tend to work at, you know, the frickin’ Atlantic


‘Sun News gets expert adulterer to weigh in on Layton story’

Kate, you magnificent bastard, I read your tweet.

Who knew my “premature Jack Layton” gag from this morning would be so Nostradamus-y?


2008: I’m called a ‘racist’ for saying people who voted for Obama were ‘black, stupid or both’

2011: Black guy admits he “voted for Obama because he was black”; it was “the biggest mistake of his life.”


Talk Radio Watch weekly recap: audio and webcam clips for week of April 25

My new Talk Radio Watch column is now up!

Enjoy FREE audio and webcam clips from the week in conservative talk radio:

  • Mark Steyn sits in for Rush Limbaugh
  • Mark Levin suggests “Oprah Tax” to cover her flatulence
  • Michael Savage’s highly original “asparagus pee” metaphor

and more…

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Dennis Miller spoke with Andrew Breitbart about his new book (and reality TV show)

“A new low for Ed Schulz”



But when some B-list evangelical blames earthquakes on Haitian voodoo THAT’S TOTALLY DIFFERENT SO SHUT UP!

ThinkProgress writer:

The congressional delegations of these states — Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky — overwhelmingly voted to reject the science that polluting the climate is dangerous. They are deliberately ignoring the warnings from scientists.


Lawrence O’Donnell looks like Colin Firth passing a gall stone

Also? He’s crazier than the birther he thinks is crazy — and he doesn’t realize it, cuz he’s just that crazy (video).


Canadian Muslim cites anti-Israel/conspiracy website in his endorsement of socialist NDP party

However, remember that by the rubric followed by the Canadian Establishment (left AND right), I am the “white supremacist”…

Ah, that NDP surge. So nice while it lasted, huh? A sad case of… “Premature Jack Layton.”

So, anyway:

My husband has a screenshot of the endorsement, which appeared in Mohammed Elmasry’s Canadian Charger “magazine.” (Thanks to “Sassywire” for finding this.)

(Yes, this is the same Mohammed Elmasry who charged Mark Steyn with “Islamophobia.”)

The author writes:

For all the hate they harbour against Arabs and Muslims, we have done nothing to earn it, nor, can we do anything to lessen it, because their hate is Bible based. Even Jesus (peace be upon him), wouldn’t be able to do anything, as it is not his Bible they follow. The Christian Zionist Movement is based on the Scofield Bible. The Scofield Bible was financed by the House of Rothchild with the sole purpose of promoting the Zionist Agenda.

This information is not widely known, and you owe it to yourself to know more about it. Please read;

The Zionist-Created Scofield ‘Bible’ – The Source of the Problem in the Mideast – Part 2. Why Judeo-Christians Support War by C. E. Carlson

(The is widely respected and credible.

Mr. Carlson is a respected Christian Theologian).

*** is a notorious Holocaust denial/conspiracy theory site (although/therefore, some lefties seem to like it...) which sometimes ventures out into the pressing topic of Mexican UFOs.

C. E. Carlson is such a “respected Christian Theologian” that a search for “C. E. Carlson” produces no scholarly articles, learned books,  or endorsements (or even criticisms) by his academic peers. Not even a lowly Wikipedia entry.


Halt Muslim immigration to Canada.



I call bullshit on James Wolcott’s ‘portable radio’ story

“There’s something very awry when Michael Savage is the voice of reason.”

That was Vanity Fair scribe James Wolcott’s backhanded compliment – part of a bitter bleat against the “birthers” and “Tea Party coots” he’d been forced to interact with while running a recent errand to the drug store.

Wolcott continues:

True story:

Yesterday there was a Tea Party coot standing in line at Duane Reade [a chain of NY pharmacies] with his portable radio blaring. (His radio was stickered with Tea Party slogans, lest you think I’m engaging in assumptive political profiling.)

His speaker was piping out that day’s installment of the Michael Savage show.

Now if he had been a young black man playing full-blare rap in a checkout line and James Lileks happened to be standing behind him, Lileks would have gotten 2,000 words out of it — what it says about our coarsening society — Gerard Van der Leun would have cited it as the greatest piece of eloquence since some psalm or another, and Instapundit would have given it an ‘instalanche.

Let’s (try to) overlook Walcott’s thinly veiled suggestion that James Lileks is a racist. I know I’m asking a lot, because, well… Lileks?!?

So let’s move along.

First off: the he feels obliged to put in “true story” doesn’t inspire my confidence.

Plus: we all know conservative talk radio fans are loyal, but does anyone in 2011 still carry around a “blaring” “portable radio” these days?

Let alone one supposedly “stickered with Tea Party slogans”?

In New York City, no less?

The last time I saw someone carrying around a loud portable radio in public, it was the blackface scene in Silver Streak.


‘Before we defended Earle, we didn’t scurry over to Youtube … before we decided whether or not he was worthy of defending’

When you discover that our civilization has fallen so far that a magazine called Shecky is the articulate voice of logic, sanity and reason — putting many self-appointed “great thinkers” and elite, heavily-feted cultural watchdogs/village idiots like Bernie Farber and Co. to shame — you may either be depressed or elated.

If you picked “depressed”, that’s because your entire worldview is flawed, and likely has been for some time.

Perhaps this development will help correct that. Rather painfully, I expect, like braces on your teeth.

You’ll live.

Brian McKim & Traci Skene (please read the whole thing) take other comics to task for refusing to defend Guy Earle — that is, for being court jesters who are willingly and voluntarily siding with the court:

And in his offstage comments, Rhymer sought to make a distinction– that is, he sought to distinguish himself from Earle by inferring that Earle was not a real comedian and that therefore his speech was not worthy of protection.

(And for good measure, he sided with the BCHRC and classified Earle’s speech as “hate speech,” a worthless concept if there ever was one.)

Furthermore, the larger trouble with all this is that the BCHRC, like we said, made no such distinction. They went after Earle without regard for the artistic merit of his act. And we have no reason to believe that future decisions by the BCHRC (and similar bodies) to prosecute or not prosecute will be based on any kind of unquantifiable measurement of the aesthetic worth of a comedian’s act. And therein lies the danger of such a body as the BCHRC.

And therein lies the danger (and utter pointlessness) of seeking to disassociate yourself from a fellow comedian in the hopes that future such prosecutions might distinguish you from what you deem to be a “hack.”


Toddlers on why they want to be princesses: proof that women are innately shallow, grasping, lazy

I want to be Belle with a really pretty yellow dress. But I don’t need a Beast because he gets mean and yells. Just the castle and all the talking stuff!

Women want lots of stuff, but don’t want to work for it.


‘I often wonder why Witness has never been made into a film’

Via American Conservative:

Yes, Witness could make a marvelous film—could, if handled well artistically. We have received many offers over the years for a film based on Witness. We have reached no agreements, though several filmmakers have conversations going. Of course, the Whittaker Chambers family would demand total control over storyline—we’ve already seen plenty of distortions over the years. Also, no one wants to get caught up in a fight like A Perfect Storm.