‘India’s gender disparity is the worst ever’

Via Vdare:

The society remains deeply patriarchal, where boys are valued and girls are not. Unmarried young men can easily be drawn into gang crime or anti-social political activities, which is problematic when there are millions of such unconnected men. Researchers recognize these “bare branches” (as they are called in China) are a source of social destabilization.

Unsurprisingly, Indian immigrants bring their traditional culture when they relocate…

Case in point: note the 416 (Toronto) area code, below.

Utterly impervious to irony, online evidence of my “racism” always includes my matter of fact observations about other people’s “racism.”

For isn’t an obsession with skin colour “racist”?

So then: why is my pointing out that the matrimonial sites and ads in desi newspapers include finely-sliced designations for various skin colours that would shame a Klansman, something that reflects poorly on me rather than on them?

Sorry, I broke your Liberal Correct-Thought Decoder Ring again, didn’t I?

If you think gay men are the only ones who can detect the difference between “beige,” “eggshell” and “ecru,” think again:

One website offers a drop-down menu of skin shades. “Wheatish” appears to be one of the most common categories, with a choice of “wheatish”, “wheatish medium” or “wheatish brown”.

PS: If you’re wondering what “manglick” is, it’s this! Ain’t multiculturalism grand?

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