‘The Wasp Woman’ (1959) — a favorite movie on a favorite theme

An aging female executive woman tries to preserve her beauty — at all costs.

Ignore the bad monster makeup. What is particularly well observed (perhaps merely by accident or indifference on the filmmaker’s part), especially since this was just a Roger Corman quickie, this that the subtle differences between the main character when she is less youthful and beautiful, and (after the serum) suddenly more attractive, are a matter of millimeters.

It’s something I’ve written about and pondered for decades, and happened to find a great post about yesterday here, at the extremely frank/mean spirited site of “alpha male/game/pick up artist” Roissey (NSFW or if you have a sensitive constitution or are even just having a bad hair day.)

(PS: Corman produced a made for TV remake in 1995. Having a bigger budget naturally means they overdid the before/after stuff. The 1995 “trailer” is NSFW.)

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