Canadian Muslim cites anti-Israel/conspiracy website in his endorsement of socialist NDP party

However, remember that by the rubric followed by the Canadian Establishment (left AND right), I am the “white supremacist”…

Ah, that NDP surge. So nice while it lasted, huh? A sad case of… “Premature Jack Layton.”

So, anyway:

My husband has a screenshot of the endorsement, which appeared in Mohammed Elmasry’s Canadian Charger “magazine.” (Thanks to “Sassywire” for finding this.)

(Yes, this is the same Mohammed Elmasry who charged Mark Steyn with “Islamophobia.”)

The author writes:

For all the hate they harbour against Arabs and Muslims, we have done nothing to earn it, nor, can we do anything to lessen it, because their hate is Bible based. Even Jesus (peace be upon him), wouldn’t be able to do anything, as it is not his Bible they follow. The Christian Zionist Movement is based on the Scofield Bible. The Scofield Bible was financed by the House of Rothchild with the sole purpose of promoting the Zionist Agenda.

This information is not widely known, and you owe it to yourself to know more about it. Please read;

The Zionist-Created Scofield ‘Bible’ – The Source of the Problem in the Mideast – Part 2. Why Judeo-Christians Support War by C. E. Carlson

(The is widely respected and credible.

Mr. Carlson is a respected Christian Theologian).

*** is a notorious Holocaust denial/conspiracy theory site (although/therefore, some lefties seem to like it...) which sometimes ventures out into the pressing topic of Mexican UFOs.

C. E. Carlson is such a “respected Christian Theologian” that a search for “C. E. Carlson” produces no scholarly articles, learned books,  or endorsements (or even criticisms) by his academic peers. Not even a lowly Wikipedia entry.


Halt Muslim immigration to Canada.



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