‘…if we have anyone listening who’s named Billy Chin or Sammy Chung…’

…they can call the program and tell us whether or not they consider themselves to be deeply offended.

When Hugh Hewitt’s on, he’s really on.

Transcript and audio of his talk with Mark Steyn about that “racist” song, “Kung Fu Fighting.”

UPDATE: my extorted tax dollars paid for the writing and staging of this “racist” play!

Its three characters – regular guys JP, Paul and Charles – even portray such archetypal figures as Fu Manchu, Bruce Lee and Charlie Chan to make a point.

“There’s a fascinating paradox for me in the image of the Asian male as a violent martial artist, yet he’s emasculated and submissive; Asian women, on the other hand, are hyper-sexualized.

“In Brown Balls, I put the Asian male onstage, both literally and figuratively.” (…) [ME: huh?]

Because the Filipino-Canadian artist uses satire and comedy to make his points, he knows some people will be offended.

So are Filipinos “Asians” now? Were they always?

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