On Osama bin Laden: ‘I question the timing…’

A smarter than me friend writes:

Obama will do anything to preempt The Apprentice.

I was pretty choked up (and I still got to see who got fired, so — win win.)

I got more choked up when Geraldo Rivera beamed, “This is the greatest night of my professional life.” For once, I couldn’t hate the guy.

(Great Videos at FOX, including screaming DC college kids/very young servicemen and women. Of course, the two black chicks have to start chanting “Obama…” Seeing chains on the gates of the White House startled me for some reason.)

My first thought was: I hope they get Bush on to comment.

UPDATE: best tweet comes from @ResistTyranny:

Well, OJ should be encouraged. Obama proves you *can* get the real killers while you’re on the golf course.

UPDATE: actually, no — my husband’s is better:

Osama Bin Laden Dead - Andrew Coyne says he knew last month but didn’t think it newsworthy

UPDATE: Weekly World News--

“Trump wants to see Osama’s death certificate”

Best comment?

Gilles Duceppe is already protesting that there’s nothing in this news for Quebec.


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