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Ha ha: White ‘supremacists’ rank way under Muslims for terrorist body count

I’ve been saying for years that more abortion “clinics” have been blown up on Law & Order than in real life.

And now we see that The Sum of All Fears, er, got up and went.

(What? I need more coffee, ok?)

US government agencies still not talking to each other post 9/11, I see.

PS: those “Christians”? Mostly Ugandans. I’m guessing they’ve never heard of “Timothy McVeigh.”




Ezra Levant, the CBC and the JDL: ‘Should I report myself to the police?’


Last week, during its coverage of the mass murder in Norway, CBC television was interviewing their “security expert,” Bill Gillespie.

There was a lot for Gillespie to talk about that day — whether the confessed killer, Anders Breivik, was part of a larger organization, or why a Muslim terrorist group had claimed responsibility, etc.

But Gillespie also seems to have had other things on his mind that day — Jews. So when he was asked about extremist groups he said this: “The Jewish Defence League is a banned terrorist organization in Canada.”

That’s not an opinion; it’s a statement of fact.

The CBC said the Jewish Defence League (JDL) is a terrorist group.

Except it’s not true.

PS: the CBC issued an apology to the JDL yesterday.


Warren Kinsella has a newspaper column and I don’t (part of a continuing series)

Sunday evening UPDATE:

Since Kinsella cites the NYT (“approvingly,” one might almost say!) in his column, I hope someone forwards this to him:

New York Times concedes that Spencer and other anti-jihadists are not responsible for Norway murders

Oh deary dear.

After giving Steyn’s writing VERY brief consideration (four citations according to this video), Anders Wayne Murderdude of Norway declares that Steyn’s observations about Islam and Europe may be mistaken.


Those four Steyn citations are exceedingly tame — simple, factual two-sentence summaries of Steyn’s theses, which could easily be found in a book report by an indifferent high school student, cribbed from an book description — or even from the official complaint made by those belligerent Muslims (and those in their orbit) against Steyn/Maclean’s, come to think of it.

So Kinsella gets his facts wrong by using the word “approvingly” re: the Norwegian’s piddling employment of Steyn citations.

God, this gets exhausting.

How sad that we’ve reached the point where one must point out the following:

An uncomfortable, controversial personal interpretation of the “whys and wherefores” of an event is NOT a “willful mischaracterization of the facts.”

Such interpretations — those made after the shootings by Beck, Steyn, Coren –  are opinions based on the facts.

Now, we all know that liberals frequently get “facts” and “opinions” mixed up, so this kind of mental, rhetorical lapse is understandable (if not excusible.) This bad habit of mind has been a primary cause of so much mischief liberals undertake in the name of their “good” causes, all of which we’re obliged to pay for, and suffer under. Ideas have consquences, etc.

No one Kinsella cites in today’s column got their facts wrong. Kinsella just doesn’t like the way Beck et al interpreted them, and the conclusions they came to.


Hilarious sentence of the day: ‘For some, a loss of Social Security income could mean a loss of independence’


If the Obama administration does withhold some or all of the 55 million Social Security payments set to go out in August, several recipients said they will ask their banks to let them delay their mortgage payments.

How the **** do you have a mortgage without a job?

Oh noze — life may revert to pre-1940s reality!!

But if he stops receiving his $1,400 Social Security check, he doesn’t know how he’ll be able to pay the rent in coming months. That means he’d have to move in with his daughter.

“It would be a sorry day if it happens,” said Tanner. (…)

She and her husband have enough savings to get by for a month. But if they don’t get their September Social Security check, they’ll have to ask their children for help paying for prescriptions and car insurance.


Another man with balls discovered in Canada

So that makes George Jonas, Michael Coren and this guy:

…if the government of Norway had devoted even a smidgen of the effort to protect its citizens that Israel expends trying to defend its citizens, then, quite possibly, many of those young Norwegians might still be alive.

You might also note that the youth gathering on Utøya Island, where the massacre took place, was sponsored by the ruling Norwegian Labour Party, and included a rally and speech aimed at deligitimizing Israel.

Something about people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


UK judge to teacher: ‘I don’t criticize you for being attracted to children’

What do we keep telling you?


Leading Canadian leftist admits: we’re just acting out our personal, emotional and psychiatric problems

Michael Savage, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

RELATED: amazingly white looking broad wants “racist” t-shirt “banned.”

If I still drank, I’d buy one.

Even more RELATED:

Anders Breivik T-Shirts, Anyone?

“The time for dialogue is over. We gave peace a chance. The time for armed resistance has come,” wrote Anders Breivik in his Manifesto.

“We reject any peaceful approach. Violence is inevitable. To establish Socialism rivers of blood must flow. The victory of socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims.” (Che Guevara)


Muslim calls Mark Steyn a ‘racist’ on TV (video)

And calls for media censorship  — so: you first, asshole! 

This man represents everything that is wrong with Canada today.

And I’m obliged to help pay for his bullshit, through my extorted tax dollars. (Don’t tell me that OMNI/Rogers is a real capitalist company; all television and film in Canada gets government money in one way or other.)

Congratulations to all the liberal wimps who let him in, and encourage his blather about of “censorship” — on the same airwaves he wants to police. What a genius.

But wait, there’s more – from his website:

Among the writers he introduced into the business was author Naomi Klein.

PS: from the OMNI website …

The ethnic population in Toronto/Hamilton is growing rapidly, at about twice the rate of the population as a whole. By 2011, over 68% of the people living in the Toronto area will be of ethnic origin,” says Madeline Ziniak, Vice President and Station Manager of Multilingual Television, Rogers Television. “The launch of OMNI.2 on the analog dial will mean accessibility to more ethnic programming for more ethnocultural groups, in more languages, free, over-the air.”

And here’s one of them!

Thrilled yet?

You know what to do:

[email protected] or [email protected]


33 Dundas Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1B8

545 Lake Shore Blvd. West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1A3

 UPDATE:  How much money was I forced to pay so that this guy could make a movie about his father?


American-style black flash mobs finally come to Canada (video)

Gang of Somalis “feisty youths” swarm story owned by guy named Mohammed!

UPDATE: nine (and counting) pages of awfully un-Canadian comments.

Diversity!! Immigration!! Tolerance!!

(More on black flash mobs)

(Dear Jamie Long of SunNews: “feisty” is normally used as a positive adjective.)

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Tons of sh*t you’ve been noticing for 30 years, magically explained in one sentence

Via SDA (and do read the comments):

Since 1980, the US diversity index—the probability that two people chosen at random would be of a different race and ethnicity on a 0-100 scale—has nearly doubled, increasing from 34 to 65.

So: how did that happen?

Ted Kennedy was responsible for another “accident”, that’s how:

The diversity lottery has been an unwise policy since its inception in 1986. It does not bolster the skills of the American workforce, nor does it reunite families or serve any humanitarian function. Its only purpose is to increase ethnic and cultural heterogeneity in the U.S.—a dubious goal that weakens the social ties within communities. Ending the diversity lottery would be a welcome reform.


Strictly speaking, the lottery increases the diversity of recent immigrants—not necessarily the diversity of the U.S. as a whole. In fact, one of the original proponents of the lottery was former Senator Edward Kennedy (D–MA), who was concerned that immigration from Ireland had become too low.

If the lottery mainly facilitated immigration from Ireland and other European countries that once sent many immigrants to the U.S. but now send relatively few, then the “diversity” lottery would actually bolster America’s white majority.

In practice, however…


Diversity is bad.




Greedy old people are living too long and ruining the world

As I’ve been telling you. (Although he doesn’t address the issue of spending billions of dollars to keep sick old people alive one or two more years.)

Retirement is a modern phenomenon. Social Security etc are Ponzi schemes. You may as well be bleating, “I want my million dollar tulips! You promised!!”

WashingtonPost– “It’s the elderly, stupid”:

By now, it’s obvious that we need to rewrite the social contract that, over the past half-century, has transformed the federal government’s main task into transferring income from workers to retirees. (…)

These transfers have become so huge that, unless checked, they will sabotage America’s future.

Older Americans do not intend to ruin America, but as a group, that’s what they’re about.


Muslims! They’re the new Austrians!!

You know: “Hitler’s First Victims” and all that…

Remember: the only “backlash” that ever happens to Muslims is when one whips another, in accordance with sharia law.


Talk Radio Watch weekly recap: July 25-29 (bumped to top)

My NEW Talk Radio Watch column is up!

Enjoy FREE audio and video highlights from the week in conservative talk radio, including:

  • Michael Savage calls Oslo killer a “Christian terrorist”
  • Rush Limbaugh not too impressed after John Boehner’s phone call
  • Laura Ingraham talks controversial song lyrics with Clive Davis

and more!




Jewish Defence League to sue CBC: fundraiser Tuesday August 2

I don’t believe in libel suits, but come on: this is gonna be good!


The perfect photograph to illustrate this week in history: