Pig sh*t rains from sky as Canada strips 1800 immigrant fraudsters of citizenship (UPDATED)


Wednesday afternoon update:

My blogger-husband, Blazing Cat Fur, has been campaigning against Toronto’s Palestine House for some time.

(Here’s his video of a Muslim outside the taxpayer-funded center, yelling, “We need another Holocaust!”)

TODAY, we’ve got this, via the MSM:

News of the 1,800 who are about to have their citizenship stripped reminded Mamann, who has 24 years of experience under his belt, of the Palestine House, a Mississauga cultural centre where last year, the RCMP found 300 people claiming to live at this address.

“I have a feeling this investigation is a part of that,” he said. “They used the Palestine House as an address so it looked like they were living in Canada, but in fact they were never living in Canada. Of those 1,800, I suspect dozens if not hundreds will be associated with that investigation.”

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