Norway: more (reluctantly) on ‘Albers Wayne Massacreguy’

as a friend calls him.

This friend sends along a Google-translated news article from Norway, which naturally includes some unfortunate mistranslations, the headline being the most prominent example.

My friend writes:

Though if you look past the headline, the surge is in membership for the Young Conservatives, the Progress party youth and the Christian Democrat youth, i.e. all whatever passes for right of centre in Norway.

Strangely, the Labour party isn’t releasing its figures.

Well, that would look craven right now, so…

If the Labour Party turns out to have the largest number of new members after the dust settles, it will resemble the subconsciously suicidal post-9/11 craze to turn Muslim.

I find nothing inspiring about the spectacle of more young people getting involved in the scam that is party politics, but I’m not a European.

Speaking of which: Ezra Levant had an Oslo journalist on via Skype last night, and that guy sounded more worked up about “those Americans who are armed to the teeth yet they have terrorist attacks all the time” (?) than he was about recent events in his own country.

Luckily, Levant had this follow up segment:

PS: am I the only person I know who WASN’T quoted by the Bill Ayers of Norway?!

Salim Mansur has a new book about multiculturalism coming out, and he for one will not be swayed from criticizing it (don’t miss this interview):

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