Is Chapters-Indigo messing with Mark Steyn again?

Why does this seem to happen every time he has a new book out?

I thought they’d made nice…

Andrew Lawton is reporting:

After doing a bit of detective work at my own local book outlets, I learned that this isn’t an issue of the stores selling out of their stock of After America at Harry Potter speeds, but something far more curious. In fact no Indigo stores — the Canadian equivalent to Barnes & Noble — in Canada are carrying the book.

Look, this is probably just incompetence.

I worked on the fringes of Canadian publishing and book selling for years. They’re incompetent.

That’s why I don’t work in publishing any more.

Before that, I worked for a charity run by a heroin addict who used to shoot up in the office and was embezzling from her blind elderly father to pay for her habit.

That office was better run than the Catholic book publisher I used to work for.

Anyway: enjoy this delightful chat about the book, with Ed Driscoll and Mark Steyn.

Steyn has a packed interview schedule today.

Here’s my chat yesterday about the book with Ezra Levant. (T-shirt by Hollywood Loser.)

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