VDH admits he hasn’t ‘read the vast majority of what’ Conor Friedersdorf ‘has produced’ ( * )

Victor Eeyore Hanson:

Then there was a similar young blogger, one Conor Friedersdorf, whose books and articles I have also not read, but who continued with the Journolist-like talking points. He makes a silly charge that I am a “chicken-little conservative” (…)

What Friedersdorf does not do, as Mr. Adomanis does not, is to challenge the argument (always preferring the ad hominem “chicken little” or “eternal wretchedness” in lieu of logical rebuttal): While we have always had urban rioting and social unrest in Western societies, more recently the reaction to these accustomed outbursts is somewhat different.

( * )

UPDATE: Hey, I’d forgotten all about this... Neat.

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