Mentally ill castration fetishist has a newspaper column, and I don’t (bumped)


Well, he has noticed me noticing him, and is pretending to be thrilled because he thinks it will make him famous.

(I did use the word “narcissism” already, right?)

Alas, the editor of the Montreal Gazette is apparently unfamiliar with the tragic story of Los Angeles Times sports journalist Mike Penner, who was encouraged to live out his transsexual fantasies within the pages of the newspaper, and continue writing post-op as “Christine.”

Right up until the minute he killed himself.

Post-op regret is very real.

Putting vulnerable, confused individuals under the media spotlight isn’t going to do much to prevent its occurrence.

We do not encourage anorexics to write newspaper columns chronicling their weight loss, or bulimics telling readers about their trips to the bathroom.

We do not encourage people who think they are Napoleon to write newspaper columns about their imaginary battles, and to refer to themselves as “transhistorical.”

And yet here we have the Montreal Gazette, diminishing itself by embracing faddish, fatal delusions.

I would object less except for the fact that this individual is a lousy writer.

He  won’t or can’t address a single one of my arguments.

But more importantly, his shallow, affected “voice” is so artificially breezy and “gay” that it is obvious to any professional writer that he is using this column to convince himself that he’s happy.

The average, normal reader finds this entire spectacle sad, disturbing and disgusting, but is too afraid of the “Tolerance” Bullies to comment.

Transsexuals are about inventing theories, inventing words, inventing body parts and even inventing their own fake feelings of satisfaction and “you-go-girl” empowerment.

Newspapers at least used to pretend to be about reality…




PS: men who think they’re “really” women are not among “the most courageous people on the planet.”

There are millions of soldiers, nurses, and children with cancer who are truly courageous, to name just a few.

Trannies are pretty much at the bottom of any “courage” measurement system, somewhere below wedding planner and used car salesman.

You are narcissistic, spoiled, overindulged, psychologically disturbed individuals who could only become “heroes” in a decadent, doomed society like ours.

When your employer enables your delusions, which will likely lead you to deep depression and even possibly suicide, that’s doubly tragic.

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