Has the Montreal Gazette axed tranny’s column?

You may remember me bitching about this a few days ago.

Well, here’s a development I didn’t see coming.

No idea what that’s about, but I’ll happily accept the thanks of a grateful nation.

You’re welcome!

UPDATE — a gay reader writes:

I loathe that because I’m gay I’m supposed to accept that transgendered people are just another place on the sexuality spectrum. I don’t fit in with most gay people and the conservative Catholic straight people I know generally try to be kind to me, but I will never again be a true part of their circle as I was before they learned of my “orientation.”

Anyway, I was reading Jillian Page’s blog and read this statement:

“I finally got to the bottom of the whole dating thing, and why men are so afraid of women who transitioned. I suppose I could have read about it in any number of academic studies, but I had to see for myself. The conclusion: why, it’s bad old-fashioned homophobia. Most men just can’t separate the idea of what we were in the past with what we are now. “There is probably still some guy in there,” one man told me when he learned of my medical history. Then he ran…”

Complete denial. Totally unwilling to accept that the men who are into him are into it for the kink and fetish aspect, but they know as well as normal, healthy men that he is still really just a mutilated man. Having sex with him is not having sex with a woman, but a man who has had his junk cut off. The transgendered people seem to be the only ones who don’t quite get it.

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