It’s a black thang: new pro-life campaign targets African-American hair salons

Black women obsess about their hair the way white women obsess about their weight.

As well, the barbershop and hair salon rank just under church as their main meeting places and “conversation pits.”

So black pro-lifer are taking their message where their listeners are:

According to the organizers of the “Samson Project” – named for the long-haired Nazirite of the Old Testament – over 1,000 people committed to watching their DVD, and talking about abortion’s tragic impact on the black community in their shops.

Thanks to this obsession, black people don’t know how to swim and are often obese black hair is big business. It is no surprise that the first African-American millionaire was “Madam” Walker.

However, that isn’t always a good thing — look out for the “weave mobs”:

The break-in at Angie’s Beauty Supply and Salon in the 1100 block of Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard in southwest Atlanta was the latest in a string of smash-and-grab burglaries where thieves stole hair extensions.

Burglars drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee through the front doors of the store as well as a iron security gate, doing extensive structural damage to the business, which is in a strip shopping center near Joseph Lowery Boulevard.

Once inside, they made a beeline for the wall where high-dollar “Indi Remi” hair weaves were displayed.

UPDATE — Abortion: is it all bad…?

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