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Toronto Muslim leader preaches death to apostates; is buddies with former mayor Barbara Hall

My husband does it again, includes photographic evidence:

Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi is just the sort of lunatic sought out and embraced by prominent members of the Liberal party such as Ontario Human Rights Commissioner Barbara Hall, and Liberal MPP & Cabinet Minister Michael Chan. 


Agreed: Seth Rogan(‘s stock character) puts the ‘F’ in ‘FMK’ (video)

He’s way too skinny now but I’m pretty sure we could carry on entire conversations using just SCTV catchphrases, so. That would make my life so much more effort-free.

But yeah: do NOT marry him because he will sell all your DVDs for weed. (But only a few at a time, thinking you won’t notice.)



Talk Radio Watch: September 26-30

Tune into all NEW free audio and webcam clips from the week in conservative talk radio, including:

  • Rush Limbaugh on Chris Christie’s Reagan Library speech
  • Michael Savage’s novel debuts at #4 on NYT list
  • Laura Ingraham chats with Herman Cain


Glenn Beck & crew talk to the “John 3:16 car wash discount” guy…

CALLER: Golly. We’re in America. You can talk about anything you want to. (…)

If you know who you are and believe who you are, then it doesn’t matter who somebody says, because you are there. You know it.

GLENN: Hang on just a second. May I just say to the entire United States of America, that last sentence from Charlie is why everyone should move to Texas, because it’s common sense. (…)

PAT: Well, now, Charlie, if I can recite all of Ephesians 1 through 10, what kind of brakes deal can you give me?



Ashton and Demi: men are programmed to seek out variety (and youth) as well as beauty

Jan Moir:

All that dogged perseverance of keeping young and staying beautiful — and your 33-year-old dolt of a toyboy husband, Ashton Kutcher, still cheats on you with a hot blonde bimbette wearing too much make up who is young enough to be your daughter.

While struggling to understand the male mind, Jan provides us with an accidental peek into the female one, here:

Perhaps the only thing left to do is get her first husband Bruce Willis to climb through the air conditioning ducts in Kutcher’s hotel room and give him a sound, Die Hard-type thrashing.

Dear Jan Moir:

I was confused too. It was Hugh Grant and that homely hooker who had me baffled.

Luckily, we’ve got Dennis Prager over here…

Female readers will also have noted that Moore’s current Twitter avatar is an astonishingly unflattering snapshot of her prepubescent self, with glasses and heavy bangs, that she has not only held onto after all these years but was obviously able to put her hands to with relative speed.

That’s what she looks like in her mind’s eye right now.

In fact, she probably always has.

And note the quote about determining what caused this to happen by “studying your own failings.”

Mirror, mirror…


Highlight of Dick Cheney interview? He has clearly NEVER HEARD of Omar Khadr and doesn’t give a sh*t (video)

Brian Lilley:

Here’s a statement that will shock plenty of Canadians:

Dick Cheney is a nice guy.

Nooooooooo! I do NOT wanna hear that!

PS: yes, Brian Lilley was kind enough to get me a signed copy of Dick Cheney’s book

And no, I did NOT take it to bed — but thanks for the idea, dear!



Frank Miller’s ‘Holy Terror’: Michael Coren talks about new graphic novel (video)

(PS: You can buy Holy Terrorholy terror frank miller through


‘Would I be able to take down a fully-grown T. rex armed only with my Beretta 92FS 9mm pistol and a full clip?’

 “What about with a 12-gauge shotgun?”


Cellulite: the one physical flaw for which there is no corresponding fetish

Or else I’d be a webcam millionaire by now.

Sign me up.


So… That Hitler guy: was he all bad?

Ya gotta have a gimmick…

UK schools to be judged on progress of gay, gypsy students


‘I’ve got a soft spot for both sluts and saints when it comes to sex…’

Julie Burchill:

…it’s the boring bitches (of both genders) in the middle I can’t be doing with. No such open-mindedness at the BBC – the Boys Broadcasting Club, which seems to think that having one token woman on any given show once a week is pushing the boat out – which now stands accused by academics of presenting Florence Nightingale as “sexually repressed”.

The BBC are SUCH cowards; they would never represent Muslim women who walk about dressed up as covered parrot’s cages as repressed, sexually or otherwise, though they obviously are, because that might get them into a bit of a scrap with the Islamist lobby.

But because this brave, remarkable woman is white and dead, they’re having a right laugh kicking the corpse around.

The stinking girls-are-smelly spirit lives on. And we’re funding it.


If only SF convention organizers were allowed to get married oh wait

Rob Taylor:

Ed Kramer, founder of the highly influential Dragon*Con, is one such person. From his humble beginnings in a Miami Orthodox Jewish community, Kramer used his vision, charisma, and the force of his personality to become the kingmaker in sci-fi fandom.

In 1987, Kramer and several partners launched the first DragonCon as an attack on the staid and boring, family-oriented sci-fi convention industry that dominated at the time. That first convention was a rousing success, featuring big names in the industry like Michael Moorcock and Dungeons and Dragons inventor Gary Gygax.

The formula Kramer had created for DragonCon’s success was simple: other conventions were where people went to meet their favorite celebrities, Dragon*Con was where you went to party with them.

But in this sci-fi carnival atmosphere, Kramer used his rapidly increasing influence to turn the party into a nightmare.

From the beginning rumors followed Kramer as he began to appear in public with a harem of young male sci-fi fans


So where was I? Oh, yeah… (video update below)

As I’ve been saying…

Back in 1986, we held a 72-hour-vigil outside various consulates in Toronto, to protest NATO test flights over Innu land. (The sonic booms were a bitch…)

We traveled from the German consulate to somebody else’s to somebody else’s, camping out on the sidewalk and handing out an excellent flyer on the issue.

(Seriously. It was a hell of a flyer. Passersby would politely take them, then walk all the way back a minute later and say, “What the hell?! Where do I sign?”)

We’d spell each other off so people could go eat at Fran’s at 2 a.m.

I mention all this to say:

We had more people taking part in that 3-day “action” about a relatively obscure and long forgotten issue than the Days of Rage people did in San Francisco this week:




(Not really) incredibly, one of the guys looks like he’s wearing one of OUR yin/yang peace dove t-shirts.

(They were silk screened in my living room, using house paint. Enjoy!)

UPDATE — any excuse to repost this:

And why not — what the hell? — part 2 and 3 of Opie, Anthony and Jim Norton being unimpressed and swearing a lot (especially Anthony, who sounds a lot like Milton Friedman, if Milton Friedman had Tourette’s…):


Math is hard says The Daily Beast


It hardly matters if your viewer numbers are down if you’re keeping all their money for yourself — instead of making it for Fox and just getting a cut:

[Glenn Beck's new GBTV] venture is still in its early stages, but industry analysts are already noting that News Corp. may have cause for concern. According to a company source, GBTV launched with at least 230,000 subscribers, most of them paying $9.95 per month for access to the site via computer or Roku. That’s a sliver of Beck’s peak Fox News audience of 2.6 million, but it easily trumps the ratings for Winfrey’s OWN network (156,000 on average in June) and Keith Olbermann’s show on Current TV (114,000 in early September).

What’s more, the venerable research firm BTIG envisions Beck’s subscribers eventually numbering close to 1 million—an audience that would bring in more than $100 million in annual subscription revenues to the network and put Fox’s advertisers on notice that there’s another show in town.

Also: it’s more trouble to watch Beck’s GBTV (which is on your computer and you have to pay, log in, etc) than to turn on OWN on your TV set.

There is effort (and some awkwardness — who really wants to watch TV on their computer ?) involved on the viewer’s choice, so one might argue that Beck has more devoted viewers, not just “more” (possibly random ones), period.


‘This guy’s gonna be in big trouble when they get to the end of the school year…’

“and find out that everyone’s noses are now chock full of evil spirits.”


It’s not anthrax, stupid. It’s David Arquette.

Yeah, I BET they found white powder on the Dancing With the Stars set…