Katt Williams’ Mexican stand up: my latest piece at Taki’s

In short, even professional comedians and their fans have embraced the elites’ “eat your (organic) spinach” ethos. I thought everyone understood that those “You know what? I’ve learned something today…” codas on South Park were goofs on the cringeworthy “very special episodes” that once propped up faltering sitcoms. Today, the ribald “poker scene” from Louie is every hipster’s new favorite thing because it features a somber, chilling (and highly inaccurate) etymology of the word “faggot”—not in spite of it.

There were over one hundred news stories about Katt Williams last week according to Google, but only one speculated about his rant’s possible—what’s that expression they like?—“root causes.”

(Yeah: me.)


In the Taki’s piece, I linked to Shecky Magazine — see the “homophobia” link in the article above.

Due to my own less than clear syntax, it may sound like I’m lumping Shecky in with the many other whiny, politically correct comedy websites out there.

In fact, Shecky has been consistently libertarian on issues relating to political correctness and free speech. For example, they were one of the only vocal supporters of Guy Earle in the stand-up “community.”

My apologies for not making that clear in the limited number of words I had to play with at somebody else’s site. I encourage all my readers to sign up for the Shecky Magazine RSS feed for a refreshingly non-group-think window into this particular world.

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UPDATE: Mark Steyn takes notice at The Corner…

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