Thank God Bernie Farber has his priorities straight (at least)

Thornhill, you luckies!

You’ll be thrilled to learn that your would-be MP Bernie Farber is totally on top of (i.e., completely wrong about, as usual) a small group of patriotic Englishmen thousands of miles away, trying to fight belligerent Muslims.

Yep, the EDL is a hot local election topic in southern Ontario suburbia!

Retail politics! (But he can get it for you wholesale.)

Go, Bernie, go!!

UPDATE: Bernie Farber’s importance eroding — for first time ever, he was NOT asked to comment on the death of some old Nazi!

UPDATE: Bernie Faber gets coveted Joe Warmington endorsement.

Note to Warmington (who has a newspaper column, and I don’t):

“Social justice” is the stubborn application of unworkable solutions to imaginary problems.

You’re welcome.

UPDATE: what will Bernie “Nobody Knows I’m Gay” Farber make of this?

He said he was there to: “defend the Muslim community against EDL thuggery” and because he “wanted to stand in solidarity with Muslims who oppose far right Islamists.”

But, while holding placards which read ‘Stop EDL & far right Islamists. No to ALL hate’ and ‘Gays & Muslims UNITE! Stop the EDL’, Tatchell was subjected to anti-gay hostility from a minority of homophobic Muslims who, ironically, were part of the anti-EDL demonstration.”

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