So where was I? Oh, yeah… (video update below)

As I’ve been saying…

Back in 1986, we held a 72-hour-vigil outside various consulates in Toronto, to protest NATO test flights over Innu land. (The sonic booms were a bitch…)

We traveled from the German consulate to somebody else’s to somebody else’s, camping out on the sidewalk and handing out an excellent flyer on the issue.

(Seriously. It was a hell of a flyer. Passersby would politely take them, then walk all the way back a minute later and say, “What the hell?! Where do I sign?”)

We’d spell each other off so people could go eat at Fran’s at 2 a.m.

I mention all this to say:

We had more people taking part in that 3-day “action” about a relatively obscure and long forgotten issue than the Days of Rage people did in San Francisco this week:




(Not really) incredibly, one of the guys looks like he’s wearing one of OUR yin/yang peace dove t-shirts.

(They were silk screened in my living room, using house paint. Enjoy!)

UPDATE — any excuse to repost this:

And why not — what the hell? — part 2 and 3 of Opie, Anthony and Jim Norton being unimpressed and swearing a lot (especially Anthony, who sounds a lot like Milton Friedman, if Milton Friedman had Tourette’s…):

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