‘I’ve got a soft spot for both sluts and saints when it comes to sex…’

Julie Burchill:

…it’s the boring bitches (of both genders) in the middle I can’t be doing with. No such open-mindedness at the BBC – the Boys Broadcasting Club, which seems to think that having one token woman on any given show once a week is pushing the boat out – which now stands accused by academics of presenting Florence Nightingale as “sexually repressed”.

The BBC are SUCH cowards; they would never represent Muslim women who walk about dressed up as covered parrot’s cages as repressed, sexually or otherwise, though they obviously are, because that might get them into a bit of a scrap with the Islamist lobby.

But because this brave, remarkable woman is white and dead, they’re having a right laugh kicking the corpse around.

The stinking girls-are-smelly spirit lives on. And we’re funding it.

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