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Ezra Levant in drag: can you say ‘Gemini Award’? (video)


‘Big Trouble in Little China isn’t a movie so much as an infomercial for cocaine’


Also? Mean but funny.


‘We’re a culture, not a costume’ anti-Halloween campaign got you down?

Me, too.

So here’s Adam Carolla in black face circa 1983!

You’re welcome.


Michael Berry’s show should be VERY interesting this afternoon…

Remember this guy?

Here’s the latest:

The Texas Department of Public Safety, which oversees the concealed carry program, and licenses instructors, said in a statement that “certified instructors are required to comply with all applicable state and federal statutes, and conduct by an instructor that denied service to individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, or religion would place that instructor’s certification at risk.”

The department said it had begun an investigation into the matter, and would “take appropriate administrative action based on the findings of from the investigation.”


PS: remember everyone yelling, “Hey, why did those stupid flying schools train Muslims just how to land?! Why didn’t they say anything?!”

Half those “Michael Moore types” are the ones now bitching about this commercial.

Private property rights have not really existed in America since the passage of the Civil Rights Act — which Barry Goldwater warned you all would happen.

UPDATE – what was I just saying…? (zzzzzzzzzz)

Initially, the interview was lighthearted. But it soon turned into [Glenn] Beck challenging Keller over his views on teaching Muslims and ended with Beck imploring Keller to follow the example of Martin Luther King, Jr.


I still can’t decide if Beck’s affection for MLK is sincere or a buttcovering feint.

UPDATE: a further twist, from the comments… (which overwhelmingly disagree with Glenn):

As a fellow Firearm Instructor I understand where he is coming from. Vicarious liability is always a focal point for instructors. If you train someone and they go off and do something crazy, you WILL find yourself in court. It‘s my license and I’m the only one responsible for it. There have been folks that I’ve turned away from my class for different reasons. We don’t need to teach criminals to be better shots than the police.


Dear TCM: ‘Night of the Lepus’ is no substitute for ‘Night of the Living Dead’

I thought something bizarre was going on when I scanned tonight’s Halloween offerings on TCM and spotted Night of the Lepus (i.e., the one about the giant man-eating rabbits) in the important 9:30PM spot.

Turns out, that’s what they’re broadcasting here in Canada.

American viewers get NofLD.

Not that I want to see NotLD again, and if I do I have my own copy, but really guys?!

PS: I thought NofLD was public domain, which was why it got shown so much in the first place. So…?

UPDATE: I was right.

Please explain and/or update Wikipedia.


‘For conservative viewers, it’s the greatest opportunity we’ve had in two generations…’

Writes Rick McGinnis on the state of TV:

since liberal bias triumphed on network television and advertisers were persuaded that debt-ridden young urbanites, not comfortable older viewers, were the most desirable demographic.

With streaming and downloading services like Netflix and iTunes, viewers can cherry pick the shows they want to watch and have their preferences recorded accurately, instead of sifting through the churning pipeline of broadcast television while unreliable ratings meters like Nielsen try to discern trends.

Indeed, the whole “18 to 49″ thing was always a myth, perpetrated by one network to fool its rivals — and its rivals fell for it. That’s how stupid these rich and powerful people are…

“CBS’s ratings hold was impregnable, but only if one measured the whole audience. It was the genius of Leonard Goldenson, the head of ABC, which routinely finished in third place well behind CBS and NBC, to change the rules. Unable to compete in the big sweepstakes, Goldenson created a smaller one that he could win. ABC, he told advertisers, was getting younger viewers than CBS and NBC, which meant that advertisers with products appealing to that segment would be wise to buy time on ABC. That was akin to a football team saying that it had lost the game, but it had gained more yards…. The network had managed to make itself seem successful despite its consistent third-place finishes. It was all smoke and mirrors.”

OK, but what if…? Nope:

How lousy are age and sex for targeting ad buys? “Essentially invalid,” said Poltrack. “There is no link, none, between the age of the specified demographic delivery of the campaign and the sales generated by that campaign.” According to Ad Age, Nielsen executives at the convention reported that “ratings demographics by age and sex had a… 0.12 correlation with actual sales produced by exposure to TV ads, where 1.0 is complete correlation and 0 signals no relationship whatsoever.” Zero-point-one-two! You’d do better using a Ouija board than Nielsen demos.


Ambushing people on their doorsteps: Canada’s national broadcaster imitates OJ Simpson

Ezra Levant’s addition thoughts on the ongoing “This Hour…” “controversy.”

BONUS: CBC sells broadcast rights to Little Mosque on the Prairie to anti-Semitic Iranian station!

My husband breaks the story:

This presents a bit of a quandry for Steven Harper who recently promised to get tough with Iran. Is letting IBNtv air Little Mosque a greater punishment than yanking it?

Shouldn’t the CBC be penalized for trading with sanctioned nations? IBNtv is based in Tanzania but is clearly an Iranian propaganda outlet. IBNtv is run by the Ahlul Bayt Foundation of Iran via it’s Tanzanian proxy the Al Itrah Foundation. Alhul Bayt operates openly in Canada but is banned in over a dozen nations.


‘One aspect of the Steve Jobs Myth is worth debunking: the myth of the son-of-an-immigrant businessman and ‘Arab-American’ entrepreneur’

Without dwelling on the multiple fallacies imbedded in the paper’s thesis, it’s worth pointing out that the lists of Immigrants and the Children of Immigrants who founded Fortune 500 companies are, with precious few exceptions, litanies of White guys: Nordics, Alpines, Slavs, and Ashkenazi (mostly German) Jews. (…)

Much as “The ‘New American’ Fortune 500” reveals the remarkable predictive power of race, the story of Jobs’s father, and the Syrian side of his family, bespeak the importance of heredity.


Gay people are ‘anti-bullying’ — because they’re bullies themselves

More proof.


‘Customer service and slavery’

The Black Informant:

So let’s see, we can trace just about every bad thing happening now to slavery (never mind the MANY examples during the post slavery era where we have destroyed the alleged bagages we supposedly inherited).

But here in 2011, we still talk about the poor customer service we provide… to each other.

So our inability to strap on a condom, our preferences for light-skinned women, women who prefer weaves over their own natural hair, Black on Black crime… all from slavery.

But what about the raw ignorance we encounter in the drive thru in many of our own communities?


Dear gays: this is why people hate you.

You’re welcome.

PS: Gay “pride” includes… hating orphans!


Journalism!! Young black guys always ‘dedicated to their community’ — right up until the second they’re killed during the commission of a crime

I know — it’s so weird, huh?

As the late Joel Rosenberg wrote and taught, a carry permit is not a Junior G-Man badge. In those circumstances, people would be better advised to call 911 and let the police deal with the situation rather than confronting an assailant known to be armed.

However, it was clear from the beginning that the Good Samaritan didn’t initiate the deadly threat, and that the perp was a dangerous person.

If all you knew about this case came from the local media, however, you’d never know that.


Talk Radio Watch: weekly recap October 24-28

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  • Is Rush Limbaugh more dangerous than Al-Qaida
  • Who called Obama a “punk”?
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Elsewhere around the “dial”:

  • Adam Carolla: “It’s the one thing I miss about working in radio: the angry post-it note on the vending machine. (…) I want to write a coffee table book called Refrigerators at a Radio Station.”
  • Nick and Artie trade truly disturbing tales from the road with fellow comic Jim Florentine
  • Oh, dear: Christian radio host wants listeners to think “long and hard” about gays

And yeah, it’s “Jock-tober” (language warning — starts about 3:30 mins in — and this is the “Rick & Len” radio show they’re mocking):


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