‘I was once a little girl abandoned by an eyewitness…’


I can (almost) guarantee you that if you are one of those “I would have punched his lights out!!” people, you are so full of sh*t, it’s oozing out of your nostrils.

Kyle-Anne Shiver:

Sandusky’s wife was in the home where he allegedly committed some of his crimes. His wife was closest to Sandusky, knew him best of all, spent the most time with him. Criminal pedophiles may be very good at hiding in plain sight, but I would bet my last dollar that right this very minute, Mrs. Sandusky is painfully remembering things that gave her husband away while she turned a willfully blind eye. (…)

I was once a little girl, being orally raped, and abandoned by an eyewitness. So, I know a bit about how that boy — Victim 2 — felt. I know a bit about the rapes that follow in the wake of an enabler’s inaction. I know how greatly a pedophile is empowered by a witness’ nodding retreat.

I know how deep the soul is wounded by this sort of sexual penetration. I know about depression and drugs and suicide attempts, too.

And I can’t help but have a few questions for Michael McQueary…

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