100 Best British Films Ever (?!)


I’ve never been able to sit through 24 Hour Party People because the lead character looks and sounds exactly (and I mean exactly) like someone I’d like to forget.

I’m shocked that Brazil is so far down the list.

Eccentric positioning all around. Who actually believes The Fully Monty is better than The Lavender Hill Mob?

Or worse: Borat is better than The Ladykillers?

Starts to make slightly more sense around the #40 mark. And even more around #20.

Given the amount of “huh?” on this list, none of the presumably male list-ers could find room for Truly, Madly, Deeply then?

Or I Know Where I’m Going?

Borat but not Educating Rita? I see.

Some (man, I presume) in the comments is asking where Get Carter is. And he’s right.

Some might even wonder where Night of the Demon and Scrooge are.

Apparently The Man Who Would Be King isn’t a British movie, nor Alfie.

Is Sexy Beast really a great film or are you just (rightly) shocked by Ben “I was Gandhi” Kingsley’s unexpected ability to make you tremble simply by sitting very very still in an armchair.

Surprisingly lame photo captions, too.

I hate the vastly overrated Whitnail & I and will never watch Trainspotting btw.

I fell asleep during Local Hero. Sorry.

Although #2 is a brave yet then again obvious choice.

#6 is even braver. I loved it but we’ll see how it holds up.

PS: my next Movie For Grown Ups is this one.

(Speaking of Powell, how do you privilege The Red Shoes over Black Narcissus?  And, as I say, leave out IKWIG? I’m not going to be a movie geek and bitch about Peeping Tom‘s lowish placement because it is a cinemaphile fave but not for the average person.)

This list will keep some of you (Rick) busy (and pissed off) for the rest of the afternoon.

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