Talk Radio Watch: weekly recap for December 12-16

It’s up!

Enjoy FREE audio and video highlights from the week in conservative talk radio, including

  • Who will win a “Golden Ticket” to visit Rush Limbaugh’s Florida studio?
  • Mark Levin calls out Ann Coulter
  • Glenn Beck would vote for Ron Paul

and more!

PLUS… elsewhere on the radio…

  • Rush Limbaugh: “Remember when National Review was the voice of conservatism…?”
  • “‘Free Talk Live’ will give $1,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital if Mark Levin and Michael Savage will have lunch with an Orthodox Muslim and also an undocumented immigrant that is working to feed his or her family….”
  • NBC boycott after Howard Stern/America’s Got Talent announcement?
  • Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt talk about Christmas and porn
  • Dennis Miller talks about Newt Gingrich with Bill O’Reilly

Also? Reposted from earlier today. Satanic…

Not funny at all: Adam Carolla learned this week that an old friend has a terrible disease…

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