Louis CK officially becomes the Kevin Smith of the NON-obese beta males

My next Pajamas Media piece, due up any day now, counts down the Top 5 Overrated Liberal Comedians.

Louis CK is #5.

I really have honestly tried to appreciate the guy, because he’s friends with people I actually like, but. I. Just. Can’t.

He’s so… beta.

When Adam Carolla made his first million, he did the manly thing and bought houses and cars. (And strippers.)

I don’t know what Nick DiPaolo is doing with his new $1.5-million, but I’m pretty sure he thinks a “fistula” is something Jim Norton pays black trannies to do to him, so NO THANK YOU!

Does the West really need more communitarian white guilt show-biz faggotry?

And the effect he has on certain women depresses me.

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