Canada’s Human Rights Mausoleum: my latest at Taki’s

Well, it sure was nice knowin’ y’all…

Yearning to take in some world historical slaughter? The Aspers and their willing exhibitioners can get it for you wholesale:

Whenever these good-for-you “legacy” projects are waved in my face, I feel as if I’m being forced to give head to the Hindenburg. (…)

Ukrainians have been particularly vocal, demanding special recognition for the “Holodomor,” which, despite its vintage, suffers from a late start out of the public-awareness gate, not to mention that clumsy portmanteau name. (Many crimes are deemed unspeakable, but the Holodomor is the only one that’s also unpronouncable.)

UPDATESheer awesomeness I can’t believe I didn’t think up myself, dammit (via SDA):

If the Harper government rushes, or tiptoes or crawls, to the aid of the CMHR it will prove to all of Canada that it is a racist government.

The federal government tries to demonstrate its fiscal responsibility by criticizing aboriginal band councils for mismanaging their budgets and reacts to extreme cases by taking control of the finances through a third party manager.

But when a white organization like the CMHR demonstrates it is completely out of control of its finances, the Harper government turns a blind eye except for looking how to give them even more money to mismanage.

Why is this government treating aboriginals differently from whites? That is racism. Plain and simple.

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