Finally: 9/11 truther does logical thing, commits suicide

As I never grow tired of saying:

If you REALLY believe that 9/11 was an inside job, that “truth” should so horrify and outrage you that you will do everything in your power to punish those involved.

Or, if you’re more cowardly, commit suicide in sheer despair.

You should not wish to live a moment longer in such a nation, in such a world.

If you fail to do either, you are a poseur.

And/or seriously mentally ill — and living in a time and place where treatment for your paranoia is readily available, should you choose to accept it.

Hollywood loses one idiot leftist Boomer — alas, how many remain?

Reading his final blog post brings to mind Woody Allen’s vastly superior summary of a generation in four sentences, circa 1977, to whit:

“My first wife was a kindergarten teacher, you know. She got into drugs and she… moved to San Francisco. Went into est, became a Moonie.

“She’s with the William Morris Agency now.”

Of course, those lines from Manhattan were fiction.

When your actual life sounds like a parody of a leftist Boomer life — like the backstory of a character that didn’t make it to the final draft of The Big Chill — maybe killing yourself is the only option.

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