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Black Informant: ‘Yes, these are OUR children’

Duane writes (and do read the whole thing for an encouraging story):

This “mess” is on full display every day of the year on Black America’s most popular website “”. Only when it hits national media do many of us suddenly get embarrassed , outraged and want to immediately accuse White media of exploiting Black folks. Give me a freakin’ break.

Yes, these folks are acting out what it took Black folks years to fight against. But unless we stop with this knee-jerking only when it hits the national media, the very ones that are tisk-tisking our fellow Black folks are just as guilty for covering up for this raw foolishness. Don’t worry. Mr. Charlie sees it all (lol). The question is what are doing to turn this consumption-only midset of our people?”

BONUS: Mark Steyn and guests discuss the phenomenon (free video)


Shocka! Christmas Day mass murder by man dressed as Santa was… a Muslim honor killing

Halt Muslim immigration to the West.


‘Why I Left Canada for The United States’

John Chow writes:

This may come as a shock to people living in Canada, but the medical service in the US is far superior to anything offered in Canada. When I take Sally to see a doctor in the US, I don’t have to wait. The appointment time is the actual time to see the doctor, not the time to wait in the waiting room. Test results are usually sent back the same day, and you can see a specialist without a referral.

Canadians will say their medical system is free and available to everyone. That’s only half true. The BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) isn’t free. You do have to pay for it if your family makes over $30,000 a year. If you make less than $22K a year, then it’s free. There is premium assistance between $22,001 to $30,000. The monthly premium rates are $60.50 for one person, $109.00 for a family of two and $121.00 for a family of three or more. You will have to pay out of your pocket for extended and dental coverage. I pay about the same in the US for my medical and dental as I do in the Canada, but the service is way better in the US.

The “universal” in universal medical a code word for, “hurry up and wait!” Yes, Canada’s universal medical system will pay for that MRI scan, if you’re willing to wait six months to a year. This is why you see so many Canadians going to the US for treatment but not a single American coming to Canada for treatment. Unless your case is considered life threatening, you will be waiting far longer than a patient in the US with private or company medical.


The 99% Is The 1%


Finally: 9/11 truther does logical thing, commits suicide

As I never grow tired of saying:

If you REALLY believe that 9/11 was an inside job, that “truth” should so horrify and outrage you that you will do everything in your power to punish those involved.

Or, if you’re more cowardly, commit suicide in sheer despair.

You should not wish to live a moment longer in such a nation, in such a world.

If you fail to do either, you are a poseur.

And/or seriously mentally ill — and living in a time and place where treatment for your paranoia is readily available, should you choose to accept it.

Hollywood loses one idiot leftist Boomer — alas, how many remain?

Reading his final blog post brings to mind Woody Allen’s vastly superior summary of a generation in four sentences, circa 1977, to whit:

“My first wife was a kindergarten teacher, you know. She got into drugs and she… moved to San Francisco. Went into est, became a Moonie.

“She’s with the William Morris Agency now.”

Of course, those lines from Manhattan were fiction.

When your actual life sounds like a parody of a leftist Boomer life — like the backstory of a character that didn’t make it to the final draft of The Big Chill — maybe killing yourself is the only option.


When the State gives any group special status to ‘keep the peace,’ violence is always the result.

ANY group. Always.


Thank God the British picked their own cotton oh wait

Black people’s weird and deadly obsession with running shoes spills over to UK, with bonus awesome (that you have to scroll WAY down to get to)

One said the killer said ‘Wallah’, an Arabic slang term for ‘I swear to God’, before plunging the knife into his victim.

PS: apparently this is not satire…

The Air Force 1 shoe is one of Nike’s most revered and iconic models. This limited-edition version is not for sale but rather a special product, proudly displaying the colors of the African American flag. Rich black leathers have been chosen to represent the essence of all color. Contrast stitching has been used to show an energetic pop of pride and perseverance. The centennial logo honors the long and rich history of the African American culture. Forty-four stars circle the outer perimeter of the logo to represent the celebration of the first African American to represent a people as well as the American government. The Swoosh has a luxury material of metallic black leather and the outsoles are marbleized like the courtrooms of the US Supreme Court – the place where many civil rights battles were fought and won.

Personally, I found this comment particularly moving:

My mom passed away February 12, 2008. This would be a great gift for me in rememberance of her struggle and life. She was 80 years old. It was a very painful time and still is painful. This would give me a insight of her life and some comfort. My shoe size is 8 1/2.

I know I am not a star or famous in anyway. I am a middle class person wishing to receive these shoes in commerative of my mom’s life.

Thank you


List of ’20 classic films every child should watch’ surprisingly not awful

I’m not sure The Great Escape is great film-making, but it does portray the kinds of resourceful, risk-taking men we’re mostly not raising today.

If the list really is about the former consideration, then perhaps Jason and the Argonauts?


Rick McGinnis reviews ‘War Horse’

“There might be young people unaware of the dire historical facts and the unspeakable human toll of that war, but for almost everyone else, the sheer scale of the losses and nightmarish reality of the trenches, repeated in refrain for almost a century, has dulled us to the staggering truth of it all.

“Which is probably why Spielberg and the creators of War Horse have seen fit to transfer our sympathy from a mere human caught in that carnage to a horse, enlisting it to re-awake our sense of pathos in the form of that most noble and graceful of animals, into whose big, dark, anxious eyes Spielberg invests so much human emotion. It’s a remarkable feat, to be sure, but some part of me can’t help but be saddened that we’ve had to transfer to an animal what we can no longer comprehend in men.”


Nixon gay? According to gays, everyone else ‘really’ is, so why not?

Please let this be true…


Transsexuals NOT mentally ill trouble makers or anything



Not sure what more you’d expect from a religion started so some fat king could get a new girlfriend

I knew the 20th century Anglican Church was bad, but holy hell!

This sounds like a slice of “paranoid” right-wing Cold War propaganda a la None Dare Call It Treason — but this is from today’s UK Telegraph:

Hewlett Johnson became the Dean of Canterbury in 1931, when he was already getting on for 60, and clung on to the post, despite numerous attempts to get him out, until 1964.

Over those 33 years, Johnson devoted the bulk of his astonishing energy to proving that Soviet Communism, especially as practised by Stalin, was heaven on earth (…)

The uncritical tribute he published on Stalin’s death was in large part plagiarised, without acknowledgment, from an existing piece of Soviet propaganda. (…)

Johnson did well from his views. In 1951, he was awarded the Stalin Peace Prize, for which he received £10,000 (roughly £230,000 in today’s money). The sales of his books were made enormous by the print runs which Stalin decreed for them.  (…)

In 1937, when the pupils at the King’s School were making too much noise for his taste, he grabbed some of the school’s land for his garden to keep them at a distance.


Canada’s Human Rights Mausoleum: my latest at Taki’s

Well, it sure was nice knowin’ y’all…

Yearning to take in some world historical slaughter? The Aspers and their willing exhibitioners can get it for you wholesale:

Whenever these good-for-you “legacy” projects are waved in my face, I feel as if I’m being forced to give head to the Hindenburg. (…)

Ukrainians have been particularly vocal, demanding special recognition for the “Holodomor,” which, despite its vintage, suffers from a late start out of the public-awareness gate, not to mention that clumsy portmanteau name. (Many crimes are deemed unspeakable, but the Holodomor is the only one that’s also unpronouncable.)

UPDATESheer awesomeness I can’t believe I didn’t think up myself, dammit (via SDA):

If the Harper government rushes, or tiptoes or crawls, to the aid of the CMHR it will prove to all of Canada that it is a racist government.

The federal government tries to demonstrate its fiscal responsibility by criticizing aboriginal band councils for mismanaging their budgets and reacts to extreme cases by taking control of the finances through a third party manager.

But when a white organization like the CMHR demonstrates it is completely out of control of its finances, the Harper government turns a blind eye except for looking how to give them even more money to mismanage.

Why is this government treating aboriginals differently from whites? That is racism. Plain and simple.


Cynthia Myers: 1950 – 2011

Just hearing about this now… (NSFW)


I’m still pretty busy today, so…

Please visit Ed Driscoll, Arts & Letters Daily — as well as the gang at Taki’s.

For extra credit: oldish long piece about Evel Knievel

And Arnie, of course.

See you tonight at the party!


Sign of the end times: Adam Carolla writes something for the NYTimes

Readers are helpfully informed:

If you’re not listening to his [free] podcast, “The Adam Carolla Show,” you’re missing out on some peerless, portable entertainment — and the chance to hear a truly original mind complain, muse and theorize for a couple of hours a week.

Carolla himself explains that he is currently annoyed about passion fruit iced tea, adding:

A club sandwich needs to resemble a club sandwich, or I need to be notified.