As I keep saying: ‘allergies’ have become a pretentious bourgeous affectation

I love being right.

My post about this in 2008 reads in part:

The sister of my best friend in high school was one of those “allergic to everything” girls. Had the blood and skin tests and non-stop specialists visits to prove it. Right up until she moved away from home to go to college and realized about a month into her new life that being the spoiled family invalid was no longer on the table, and frankly not as much fun as partying. Never got another hive. Whenever I saw her in adulthood (which was frequently) she was perfectly sound and allergy free. Wow! A miracle, huh?

Sort of like the “chronic fatigue” twins (remember chronic fatigue?), nieces of another friend. Oh they were oh so frail and sickly and tiiiiiiieeeerrrrrd all the time — except for the two weeks every year that they vactioned in the Caribbean with their mum & dad. Another miracle! Must’ve been the sea air…

PS: Mothers Against Guys Who Don’t Wear Seat Belts?

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