Want more ‘family friendly’ movies? Be careful what you wish for (NSFW)

Rick McGinnis on the pedophilia culture of Hollywood:

More than any other business, Hollywood is a place where talent, youth and beauty are exploited, with a premium paid for all three. It’s also an industry that’s learned to shield itself from criticism by celebrating its venal and amoral customs with skilful self-parody, so that proud mea culpas from selfish sociopaths have somehow shifted the focus from actual predators and criminals thriving in the background.

Parents’ groups have been demanding more family-friendly fare from Hollywood for years, but a glance at the credits of the three men at the centre of the recent scandals suggests that what goes on the screen is almost irrelevant, and that child abuse actually thrives where children have roles.

Resistant, as ever, to what would be by necessity a profound change, Hollywood may have actually gone past the point of redemption.

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