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‘As it is the 29th of February, let me perform an uncustomary retraction’

Canada’s David Warren:

Looking back over the history of the last 10 years, through which I have been writing these columns, I’m now persuaded of a major misjudgment. While I supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq — still do, and “would do it again” without qualms — I see ever more clearly that the “Bush doctrine” of exporting “democracy” was an unnecessary mistake. (…)

 I nevertheless conferred the benefit of the doubt on an American-led project, predicated on post-War successes in Germany and Japan.

In retrospect, the circumstances were so utterly different, and the times so utterly changed, that the mission was unachievable, and could only come to grief.


‘Even when I agree with Rick Santorum…’

“listening to him argue the point almost makes me change my mind.”


‘What happened to Robert DeNiro?’

Well, he got old (it happens to the best of us.)

But yeah: Rocky and Bullwinkle…

Do young people even connect the “real” DeNiro to “that old angry dad guy”?



Other two-thirds don’t know what IQ is

“Third of young women would swap IQ for larger breasts”


Will new Lenny Bruce/ free speech documentary freely use the words ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslims’?

$100 says no.

To be clear:

I’m more certain that Bruce himself would have picked on Muslims than these “America is evil” filmmakers and their (liberal) “stars,” all spouting received wisdom.

(I notice Collin Quinn, Adam Carolla, Nick DiPaolo and Jim Norton aren’t listed as interview subjects. Oddly enough!)

But Bruce still wasn’t that funny.



Monkees’ Davy Jones: RIP

They were completely fake, they were unlovable, other people wrote their songs — and they were still better than The Beatles.

Yeah, I said it.

RIP to the guy who Axl Rose stole his stage moves from.


Stupid Muslim wants Mark Zuckerberg arrested or something

Can we just nuke every country that ends with “-stand” and “-bad”?


Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager: now available

Their recent sell-out “two man show” is available here.


Famous people you’ve never heard of

Did this guy invent stand up comedy?


Muslims aren’t ‘the new Jews’

They’re the new Nazis.

Letting them settle in the West is like hiding Nazis in your attic during World War II.


Dear Luftwaffe: come back, all is forgiven

“I was told that we now live in a different time and some things are not to be said.


Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote (part XXVII)


“Men take linguistic features and use them as Barbie Dolls for ruining everything.”

In other news, women strenuously deny (probably using “up talk”!) being turned on by the very things that sales figures (numbers! yuck!!) show actually turn them on.


Finally: why Adam Sandler’s movies suck — explained

Sandler just broke the Razzie nomination record.

I’ve been pissed at Sandler since …Zohan, which starts out well: Jews and Muslims fighting (check!), Muslims are terrorists (check!) — but then the Jews and Muslims come together to fight the real enemy: the Christian militia! Who are a big in New York City, apparently…

I watched a few minutes of Funny People and wanted to kill everyone in the film, and then expand to killing everyone within a four block radius of my house, so shut it off.

At last, another Adam explains the “true Hollywood story” of why Sandler’s films suck:


So apparently it’s not enough that we put our lives on hold to care for elderly parents

We also supposed to pretend we’re happy about it?

This is the message I’m getting from the “conservative” response to the woman who she wished her 91-year-old half-crazy, demanding, diaper wearing dad would die already.


Did any of the old people some of us are/have been stuck with have to look after THEIR parents the same way?


Because their parents very likely died faster, like people did in the old days before we got the brilliant idea to spend half a million dollars (each) to keep falling-apart octogenarians “alive” for another five to ten miserable, pain filled years.

It’s one thing if your parents were loving, generous people who stayed together, put you through law school, kept you safe and made you feel wanted.

But where I grew up, people had accidents kids so they’d have someone to go out and buy cigarettes for them when they were too drunk to get off the couch.

I almost lost my sanity and my career (and therefore, my apartment, my credit score, etc) running back and forth to another city to look after my mother and my grandmother at the same time.

Not all of us female urban dwellers necessarily have husbands or cars (or money for gas we hadn’t budgeted for) or understanding colleagues or government/union-shop jobs for life.  Your employers and clients quickly come to see you as “the girl with all the problems.”

Some of us (not me) have kids of our own — and can’t afford nannies or daycare.

And not all of us like our relatives one whole hell of a lot.

Not all of us females have the nurturing gene (see “drunk on the couch” above, and “retarded extended family of fat losers” and “alcoholic pervert stepfather” elsewhere…)


I’m still bitter about my parents’ divorce, and think about it every day, and it was 45 years ago, and they’re both dead

And you don’t want your kids to be me when you grow up, do you?