5 Reasons ‘Star Wars’ Actually Sucks — my latest at PJMedia

Here ya go:

George Lucas is a plastic toy manufacturer who makes mediocre movies on the side.

He is the Ringo Starr of the “Easy Riders and Raging Bulls” who put the “New” in “New Hollywood” back in the 1970s.

Compared to Spielberg, Scorsese and Coppola, however, Lucas’s film oeuvre is nothing but juvenilia, from American Graffiti to Star Wars to… well, he’s never made anything else.

It’s like his career has the opposite of Progeria.

It’s not just that George Lucas has the kind of face you just want to punch, although that doesn’t help…

I’m hoping this one will break a PJ record for comments…

Fourteen of them already (as of 8am) and most of them what you’d expect: girls are yucky; who do you think you are?!, etc.

PS: a few words about the “need” to “escape” from your “boring” life…

Why is your life boring? Why did you permit that to happen?

What if you took all the energy and time and money you spent on playing stupid games and made your life less boring?

When you play computer games, you are a parasite attached to a host.

You aren’t that much different than a “vegetable” hooked up to machines in the hospital.

Except the “vegetable” has an excuse.

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