Best email I’ve received in a while

A male reader writes:

“Like you, I hold Charles Murray in the highest regard.  I have not read his book either so perhaps we are both wrong, but I suspect his solutions are wrong. 

“Dr. Murray is an erudite, educated cultured man of refined tastes and broad learning.  If he has ever had to work with a 103 IQ HR cow who thinks corporate team building exercises are fun,  I’ll eat my hat. 

“Similarly I doubt that Murray has much acquaintance with three things 1) How incredibly immoral/self sabotaging today’s ‘poor’ are. (No one who weighs 300 lbs is really poor) 2) How much of the upper class behavior he lauds is simply a combination of technology and 100-120 IQ women not wanting to look bad in front of their neighbors, rather than actual virtue. and finally  3) How much of the supposed success of the super zips is the aforementioned HR cow and her various side ‘industries’  doing non productive work.  

“There is something crude and unpleasant about our modern working class and much of what Murray has to say is true.  However, Archie Bunker was right, and Meathead was wrong. A culture run run by prole whites is crude, and the men in it drink bad beer, cuss, and fight too much.  They also do all the real work in society. (Raising food. mining, logging etc.) Tony Soprano & Archie Bunker make lousy neighbors but they understand this.

“PS your Star wars post was awesome, I am a huge science fiction nerd and everything you had to say rang true.  Star Wars is dumb, and George Lucas is basically a half educated autistic film nerd.

“Your comparison of VDH & Mark Steyn to Lucas was apt, I though for the following reasons:

“Grown men have no desire to emulate Lucas, while Steyn & Hanson make excellent role model of how to act in your middle & later years. Similarly George Lucas does not ‘inspire’ devotion in women the way Steyn does. Every time Mark fills in for Rush, millions of women get the vapors.  Very few women get the vapors when Lucas starts taking about  light sabers. 

“These difference are obvious anytime either man is picture in a newspaper or online etc,  Lucas is a Beta whiner, Steyn is not.  You mentioned that Steyn is a busy man at the end of your column.  Given that Mrs. Steyn knows how very much her husband is sought after, we can make an educated guess as to what MS does in his free time. 

“The message to men should be simple: George Lucas is  still a loser despite all his fame and money, because of what he decided to be. DON’T BE A LOSER.”

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