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‘Dear Henry Rollins: …I’m no longer much of a fan’

T.R. Bennington:

While you seem to think your political opinions are still perceptive and edgy, they’re mostly recognizable as the default liberal opinions of the LA set you hang with these days.

But having read a few books by Howard Zinn or Noam Chomsky does not make you somehow more enlightened than the average Joe with whom you claim affinity but toward whom you actually condescend.

At this point you have a lot more in common with Tori Spelling than you do with Sid Vicious.


Remember when Canadian game shows gave out ‘prizes’ of JuicyFruit gum? (NSFW)

I’m likely over thinking this, but:

There IS a wearable “club” vibe that responds to music and voices.

(So I’ve heard, OK?)

(I don’t go to clubs…)

Given the all-around corniness and ineptitude of the Canadian music industry (they need CanCon to survive, and “Canadian Idol” bombed even though other country’s franchises are doing fine) I bet they told their assistants to get those for the gifting room — get it? It’s the Juno Awards — and the assistants told their assistants, and that assistants told the intern — and they got the WE instead.

The commenter may be right about the Canadian design, though. Which would also explain why…

Aw, skip it.

Yeah, I just don’t like that I’m probably paying for this stuff somehow, especially since:

a) I’m not getting free toys, and

b) they bought mediocre, overpriced (so I’ve heard) ones.

Anyhow, if they HAD to give away a quality Canadian “adult” product, why not one-year subscriptions to…?

Well, if you’re interested and of legal age, google “Camille Crimson art” from a non-work/non-family room/non-library computer.

You can thank me later, but don’t bother complaining, m’kay?

UPDATE: tonight is Human Achievement Hour. Don’t get me wrong — you should ALL tune into Sun News starting at 5pm ET for the all-star Human Achievement lineup leading up to the big fightMark Steyn will be a guest on Michael Coren for instance, and Ezra Levant has a terrific show lined up — BUT if you’re hoping to light up the power grid in defiance of your neighborhood green bullies, then one word:


Gives new meaning to the word “achievement.”

(So I’ve heard.)


Today in Trayvon Martin™: If Obama had a son, would he look like this?

Come on! He was just lookin’ for some Skittles!


Rush Limbaugh’s ratings are actually up — and other talk radio news this week

UPDATE — I was hoping someone would isolate this clip and upload it, and now they have!

Especially relevant in light of Trayvon Martin™


Check out the all NEW Talk Radio Watch, with audio highlights from the week in conservative talk radio!

MORE radio related stuff:

PLUS“The Best Time I Called In To a Radio Advice Show”:

“…something in the combination of Drew’s deadpan professionalism and Carolla’s curmudgeonly irreverence brought out the funniest and wisest in both men.”

“The alchemical magic between these two guys made Loveline the massive phenomenon that it was for the 10 years Carolla co-hosted. (He left in 2005, after which a succession of lackluster bores tried vainly to fill his shoes.)”

Must-hear call that may inspire you to commit suicide:


‘Mad Men’: Crossing the Young & Rubicam

Hmmmm… I may have to start watching that thing…


’10 Hatefacts for Those Who Hate Facts’

Gavin McInnis:

Yes, some people are born with big bones and others have a disease called “burns less calories than they take in,” but anyone who’s visited China in the past 100 years can see that Americans have a disproportionate number of fat pigs.

These whales complain that they are seen as human garbage, yet they treat their mouths like fast-food dumpsters.

Please explain to me how that is different from putting on blackface and complaining about racism.

You can get his new book here.


Another dangerous right wing theocratic nutjob er never mind look over there!

Steyn on Bigfoot the Hutaree


‘Nyeah, get me! I’m an ‘ilk’!!’ (/Leo Gorcey voice)

Scaramouche mocks Queen Christina of Upper Canada.

There really is an SCTV for everything:


‘But what pisses me off is that many of these same negroes just a week ago…’

Writes BlackInformant:

…were begging me to help them buy a dang rake for their Farmville game…all while Black kids were killing themselves wholesale on the norm. Now all of a sudden, cue up “Fight the power?”. Please…

And always remember:

The levees WERE NOT blown up, but Spike Lee almost DID get two old white people killed.


‘Rick Santorum’s bold stance against pink bowling balls’


Is the teasing fair? Well, sure, a bit. The color of a bowling ball isn’t terribly important. If a kid wants to use a pink bowling ball, the worst we can say is that he has horrible taste in bowling ball colors or maybe that he’s a horrible racist oppressor for not using the black bowling ball to knock down the oppressive white pins. Hey, wait a minute! Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Spike Lee on this? Clearly, Rick Santorum has taken a brave stance to set one young man straight, so to speak, on race relations vis-à-vis ball and pin colors, in the sport of bowling…

BONUS — Today in “Journalists: Your Moral and Intellectual Superiors”:

Lawrence O’Donnell cruises for a (paid?) threesome via Twitter?

RELATED: Jon Stewart takes his own bold stance against, er… lynch mobs, calling them a, uh… “big mistake.”

Watch for him get praised for his “lack of bias” and get one of those “Murrow Awards for Bravery” for that.

(You think I’m kidding.)


Courtney Love was right, and Alex Cox is a coward: ‘Sid and Nancy’ (1986)

Courtney Love stalked director Alex Cox, insisting correctly that she’d been born to play Nancy Spungen.

She flew to England on her trust fund money to audition. He gave her a minor part in the film as a sop.

PLUS: note the hammer and sickle on Sid’s t-shirt. Of course, it should be a swastika. Cox is a wimp.


Adrienne Rich: troublesome crazy woman finally dies

Canadian poetry generally being superior to American poetry, I found Rich’s work the usual Yankee-style, uninspired, tedious chopped-up prose, freighted with faux profundity and all those boring classical allusions American poets seem unable to write without (a poem about pushing ones broken down car down the road must needsbe evoke Sisyphus…), even at my angry-young-feminist worst.

Plus she was crazy.

Listen: I can attest to this from intensive personal experience –

Many people deeply involved in leftist political movements are mentally disturbed. Neurotic. Just not “normal.”

I literally lived and worked with them for years.

I was one of them.

So behold, a woman who clearly thought she knew best, felt it was her duty and birthright to tell other Americans how to live, had a platform from which to do so, and was rewarded with prestigious honors:

Of her politics I will say little.   She was against the Vietnam War and for the Black Panthers.  Auden, writing of the death of Yeats said “Mad Ireland hurt you into poetry.”   The Vietnam War and the Civil Rights era hurt Adrienne Rich beyond measure.  The people who knew her at the time don’t think she was sane during some of those years.   She left her husband Alfred Conrad and he committed suicide the following year.  Poets and politics make for a highly combustible mixture.  She seems to have found happiness with Michelle Cliff, her [female] companion since 1976.

The difference between women like Adrienne Rich and homeless bag ladies is that homeless bag ladies mostly talk to themselves.

Now multiply this woman by the hundreds, possibly thousands, then and now.

Glenn Beck ever so slightly misses the point when he focuses months at a time forensically unveiling these people as “progressives” and now (so I hear) “communists.”


TSA Manager Arrested for Running Prostitution Ring

I’ll think of something later… Need coffee…


Michael Coren on Trayvon Martin™ — and the Knoxville Horror

More on the Knoxville Horror at this link.



‘Wanna bet she supports teaching 9 and 10 year olds that they might be gay?’

This guy wins the thread. For now.