Congratulations to Ed Driscoll on his 10th blogversary!

I’ve got a couple of years on Ed in the blogging department, and remember when he got started.

Ed and I share similar pop culture tastes, and he’s a witty guy, but never mean-spirited (unlike moi.) I always imagine him fitting in great with our gang of rightwing Gen X-ers here in Toronto, and often wish he lived closer, so we could all (re)watch Wild in the Streets and debate the merits of this band or that TV show. And bitch about Boomers, of course.

Today he reprints a February 2002 article about blogging he wrote for Spintech, about the “New New Journalism.”

And here’s his origin story — like many, it begins in early September, 2001.

Best wishes to Ed Driscoll — one of the good guys!

BONUS — the story of Instapundit:


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