‘How Davy Jones Changed the World’

Ed Driscoll:

In their early days, with Don Kirshner leading their sessions, they had the pick of New York’s Brill Building songwriters, such as Neil Diamond, Carole King, and Gerry Goffin. In their second season, after they fired Kirshner, the hits slowed down, but their quirky attempts at psychedelia were some of their most fascinating songs, along with Mike Nesmith’s proto-country rock experiments, which anticipated ‘70s groups like The Eagles by a good five to ten years.

(Nesmith’s experiments in music video in the following decade would be dubbed by some as a direct precursor to ‘80s phenomenon MTV.) (…)

I doubt very much that Jones knew he signing on for a show that would be the spearhead in a cultural revolution in Hollywood…

Paul Mazursky co-wrote this episode:

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