Weed is the ‘abortion’ of libertarians

I love how “libertarians” want to legalize pot “so that the government can tax it” (!?)

Why do pot lovers who claim to value liberty and freedom over all things want to add another level of punitive bureaucracy to their own lives?

Isn’t it more libertarian to be an outlaw, smoking and growing weed illegally?

More inevitable big government spread if legalization happened:

Companies like Sara Lee and Betty Crocker will develop marijuana brownies causing the Agriculture Department to send in food inspectors to ensure that both the production facilities and the product itself meet new standards set by new legislation.

Health Canada will require the publishing of nutritional information on the side of packaging…

Eventually a new activist group will emerge. People Against Marijuana (PAM) will form and begin a concerted campaign against the smoking of marijuana. This will not be the same as those currently opposed to legalizing marijuana. PAM will be formed by former ant-smoking activists running out of smokers to harass.  They will apply for, and receive, government grants to fund their new offices and to pay the salaries of an Executive Director and support staff.


BONUS: and of course, this sort of thing won’t be far behind.

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