If only we had our own think tanks oh wait

That’s what behind the times Canadian “conservatives” like to say to each other, staring at the plethora of American Hudsons and Heritages like they were doggies in the window.

Even I seemed to endorse this recently, but I plead the stress of doing TV.

In fact, the whole “conservative think tank” idea may be played out, and I’m almost glad we won’t see Andrew Breitbart’s proposed iteration now.

First, read this, about the behind the scenes at Cato, which sounds more like the plot outline for All About Eve.

Second: I heard a hair raising story about a Canadian think tank last week.

I’m not at liberty to disclose the details, but they simply confirmed my long held belief that all these organizations and foundations and societies and other men-in-suits political enterprises are not only useless, they may in fact be counterproductive.

We need grassroots, ordinary people willing to be sued, willing to have their kids kicked off the soccer team and otherwise punished by teachers, willing to go public about this obnoxious Muslim troublemaker or that gay bully.

We have got to stop wishing we could outsource our outrage to some stranger in a suit with a degree and a fancy title.

All my life I’ve heard: “If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain later.”

We need to change that to “If you DO complain, you have to ACT on your complaint and stop muttering into your Tim Horton’s coffee.”

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