I’m just discovering Australia’s Joanne Nova now, via Mark Steyn

I love what I’m reading. 

The messenger, I mean, not the message:

Because what is it about the “Official Jews” and internet censorship?

The new 400 page government report out of Oz recommending internet censorship is called “The Finkelstein Report”?

Great job fighting those Jewish stereotypes, guys!

You don’t want people to think you “control the media” or anything.

Anyway, JoNova (as she styles herself) seems to be living my (antipode) life, albeit a younger, much better looking, and likely well tanned version:

I finally met The Man (Mark Steyn) last night at his Perth speech. Brilliant, brave, inspiring, and it absolutely made-my-day (in a career highlight kind of way) that he knew straight away who I was. He had quoted my Climate Money paper in 2009, and he spoke of it immediately. Forgive me for the shameless brag.  Some days I wonder if an audience of 5,000 readers a day matters, but then I find a famous cartoonist, author, or member of parliament who reads the site, and all the work seems worthwhile. I’m reaching the people that matter.

I almost never reveal the names of the influential readers. (It’s not like I’m doing them a favor by telling the world). Lately there have been many, and I met another last night.

As I dryly commented to this particular policymaker who’d come up to praise me and shake my hand: Thankyou. I’ll add your name to the list of people who I can’t say reads my work!

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