Adam Carolla, Penn Jillette spill the dirt on Celebrity Apprentice firing (free audio)

UPDATEbest recap so far, by an obvious longtime fan:

What no one is mentioning here is that Michael Andretti might value his name and its brand just as much as Buick, and he might in fact not want to attach it willy-nilly to some random marque to get ahead in a reality show. The Andretti name carries a certain cache, but like all brands, it loses power when it loses integrity. Andretti was let go because he didn’t bend over and shill for free for the Donald’s reality franchise. (…)

The other fired celebrity last night was Adam Carolla, which is devastating for me as I was watching the show mostly for his asides and to see him in person. At least he left with dignity, choosing to take responsibility for the project’s loss as the project manager, rather than dragging back two people and pleading to Donald to keep him around. I feel like Adam was kind of fed up with this and preferred to go home and have his wine and nap anyway.

She forgot “beat off”…


Inside dirt!

As you expected, Carolla’s firing was “bullshit” and a battle of the alpha males — I said it on Monday and he says it today.

LEARN about how the producers and editors sabotaged Carolla, and what really happened behind the scenes:

“Steve Jobs presentation,” “12-inch dicks” and “Adam knows more about our car than the engineers”!


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