Dave Bidini has a newspaper column and I don’t (bumped with hate mail!)

Overrated beta male “writer” forced to issue cringing, mealy mouthed apology after daring to (accidentally) hurt the itty-bitty feewings of touchy, egomaniacal fellow inhabitants of Toronto-lit-world bubble!

Is there anything more parochial than a man who fancies himself cosmopolitan?

Yes: his so-called friends.

I can just imagine the 100+ CC’d email chain his “offensive” column set off.

What a f*cking loser!


It’s been so long since I’ve received any hate mail, I thought you’d all appreciate this message from [email protected], who is at least less snivelling than his fellow metrosexual.

Note the typical liberal “Do you just say stuff in public you don’t mean so people like me will get upset and feel obliged to write to you?” angle:


You are one vindictive female dog. I don’t know if you blogged that crap on Dave just to elicit a response, or you really feel that way, but regardless, it’s crass, rude and just plain stupid.

Don’t know why I’m writing this, other than to see how you’ll respond. I’m expecting equal eloquence. If you don’t know what that means, look it up.

Blessings on your evening.

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