Metrosexual beta male busybodies are NOT mentally ill or anything (bumped with Sailer update)

Sailer observes:

This Jason Russell, the auteur behind the Kony2012 viral video who had an unfortunate manic episode on Friday, reminds me, for some reason, of Timothy Treadwell, the doomed star of Werner Herzog’s documentary Grizzly Man.

Treadwell was a failed Hollywood actor who changed his life by moving to the wilds of Alaska and hanging out with grizzly bears, all the while strenuously publicizing himself.

But he had a pretty good time, until (spoiler alert!) a grizzly devoured Timothy and his new girlfriend.

So not shocked — except by the fact he’s married to a woman; he is the most gay-acting straight man outside of the 416 area code.

Story says he is an “evangelical Christian” so, er, closeted?

Moment Kony 2012 video director had a naked ‘meltdown’ before arrest for being ‘drunk and performing sex act in public’

PS: “exhaustion” and “dehydration” are NOT real medical conditions…

Extremely RELATED:

“Talking to Daisey was exhausting. There were so many details that didn’t check out, and even when he admitted that he didn’t see what he claimed he saw, he’d qualify it with something.  … It was never simple. He never just said: ‘I lied.’”

At one point in the show, Glass says, “The most powerful and memorable moments in the story all seem to be fabricated.” (…)

He tweeted later, “Here’s a story I wrote about Mike Daisey in 2001 about him being at the WTC on 9/11. I don’t know now if it’s true.”

James Poniewozik says Daisey has now undercut the larger arguments that he was trying to make with his “truthiness” (Time)

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