Pick Up Artists: Threat or Menace? My latest at Taki’s

On the SPLC’s newly discovered “hate group”:

Forget Arabs flying planes into buildings, you stupid cops and spies. The SPLC—whose dispatches are “sent to every law enforcement agency in the country”—has named the real enemy: white men unzipping their flies. (…)

“Roissy”—he took his nom de poon from a character in the S&M classic The Story of O —is the Tolkien of pickup artist Middle Earth, having invented or refined the manosphere’s glossary: alpha male, game, wingman, the “anti-slut defense” (“I don’t usually do this sort of thing…”), and negging (offering attractive women teasing insults instead of compliments: “You have really big ears. Don’t worry, I think it’s cute, kind of like a bunny.”).

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