BREAKING: Muslim arrested for fatal shooting at Toulouse Jewish school


Highly paid Liberal Party consultant and divorced devout Roman Catholic Warren “Some of the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada are modern and pluralist” Kinsella, and his good friend (who he wasn’t speaking to just a while back) Bernie “the apparently non-gay” Farber graciously provide today’s only laugh…

UPDATE — It’s a big field, but Barry Rubin singles out the three stupidest, most sinister premature comments about the killer’s identity, including one by a Dutch cartoonist.


It turns out the shooter was exactly the type of person the National Front party has been warning about, and these shootings will actually strengthen the National Front party.



So you see, emails LRC: it was a neo-Nazi after all.

Because Muslims aren’t the new Jews.

They’re the new Nazis.

PS: I get to write that as long as you get to declare that Santorum is “Christian Taliban.”

Because I say so.

UPDATE: more at JihadWatch

PS: anyone familiar with French gun control laws, please email me the basics at kshaidle AT

UPDATE 3:40pm: a reader sends this link re French gun control laws, but cannot vouch for its accuracy (or lack of bias)

UPDATE — as I keep saying, liberals have to start calling themselves the “Oh, But That’s Different“s:

Given how “anti-Muslim” speech by bloggers was blamed (unfairly) for the Norway shooting, I wonder if anti-Israel speech by the Boycott Divest Sanction movement,the groups behind the Gaza Flotillas, academic boycotters of Israeli universities, and others will be blamed for the killing of the Rabbi and his children in Toulouse.

News UPDATE via Pamela Geller’s site:

He entered the school and grabbed Miriam Monsonego (8) HY”D as she was running. He grabbed her hair and fired at her body. As she bled out and slumped to the floor, he listed [sic] her head and fired two shots at her head from point blank range to make certain his Jewish victim would not survive.

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