So… Louis CK’s entire life is one big ‘bad day’ then?

Cuz that’s what I’m beginning to pick up from his (increasingly desperate sounding) apologists, who tend to be the same types of people who assured me for decades that David Letterman was a great guy and George Carlin a genius…

But, as I suggested, some comedians’ voices don’t necessarily translate well in print. The editor’s note before Louis C.K.’s contribution (“Mr. C.K. was, by his own admission, ‘having a bad day’”) provides a comedic hedge that suggests an awareness of this pitfall. Indeed, C.K.’s responses come off as arbitrarily mean-spirited. Of course, none of the letters are “real” – they serve only as set-ups for jokes. But, despite the fact that nobody is actually being attacked by C.K., his harsh responses don’t really work as jokes in this context. An advice-seeker asks how to make her own comfortable Baby Bjorn for her child, and CK calls her a “lazy cunt.”

PS: Wow, isn’t this original?! (NSFW)

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