Yeah, that Peter Hitchens vs Russell Brand ‘debate’ went about as well as you’d expect

My latest at PJMedia:

I discovered this video at Michael Coren’s blog. (Yes, he blogs, along with writing books – distinguished biographies of literary greats, along with popular Catholic apologetics — and penning a weekly syndicated column and hosting a nightly national TV show.)

Above the video, Coren added his own tantalizing remarks:

I grew up quite close to the fraud [Russell] Brand. Believe me, his accent, his views, his claim to be a football fan, are all part of a carefully contrived persona. Most awful of all, he’s not funny. Here he is being ripped apart by Peter Hitchens, and responding to an intelligent set of criticisms by accusing Hitchens of being personal – he does this by being personal!”

Oooooh! Chippy, chippy, chippy! I had to hear more…

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