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Trudeau – Brazeau: the weigh in (video)


The great David Thorne gets a cease and desist letter from Penguin

David Thorne is the genius behind this, one of the 10 best things on the internet, which made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe and started crying, then showed it to Arnie, who did the same thing.

Today, David Thorne writes:

As the book I’ll Go Home Then, It’s Warm and Has Chairs just became a ‘very limited edition’, click here to grab your copy today.


When I still drank, we used to call Thursday ‘Honorary Friday’ (videos)

No reason to stop now…

PS: now you can finally see the cover for Not Taco Bell Materialadam carolla new book not taco bell material! (And pre-order it.)

Wow, Adam’s kid Sonny looks just like him. (And his daughter looks like his wife, even though the kids are twins. Weird.)

PPS: today on Dennis Miller’s show, Carolla talked about going to a “hippie” Billy Jack style elementary school and going on a school trip to the SLA shoot out house.


‘Stop continuously asking, ‘When are the latkes going to be served?”

Rabbi Simcha Weinstein’s top 10 Passover seder “do’s and don’ts” in Gourmet magazine:

You might be able to communicate in 140 characters or less, but at the seder table, we make Hebrew our second language. No texting, tweeting, Friending (or un-Friending), Liking, or, you guessed it, Poking is allowed. In order to return to the Egypt of old, if only for one evening, we must break from some of our modern habits. The core of the seder is retelling the story of the Exodus from Egypt, and Moses led the Jewish people to the Promised Land without using a GPS-enabled smartphone. (Never mind the fact it took him 40 years.…)


‘Hilton Kramer didn’t fear making enemies’

Arts and Letters Daily has a round up of obits — object lessons for careerist-hack Canadian “conservatives.”


Notorious aging Canadian female hack, in dire need of medication, hormones, sinks to new low

Insults Lilly Pulitzer!

Because the very existence of a successful, creative businesswoman is pretty embarrassing if you’re a lowly, past-her-prime hobby-typist like Heather Mallick, who gets passed around from newspaper to newspaper like the town bike.


White serial killer of black children roams free!


One of the youths was so horribly mutilated he could hardly be recognized as a human being.

He was pummeled to death and left in a dumpster.

Experts say that Rashbaum used a fork-like device to puncture the kid’s skull and chopped him up.


Mark Steyn looks back on his recent trip to Oz

Mark Steyn writes:

I appreciate the somewhat more freewheeling nature of small talk among the Australian political class. Over the sauv. blanc after the ABC’s Q&A, former senator Amanda Vanstone mentioned that a friend of hers had just emailed to say I was ‘eminently shaggable’, but that she’d hate herself in the morning.


Exactly: The WRONG KIND of Westerners are having TOO MANY children (BUMPED with update)


I bow to no one in my respect for Mark Steyn, but I’d counter that “low birthrate” is a good thing  the wrong type of people are breeding:

The stupid stupid people — and the smart stupid people.

Until recently, a friend lived in Toronto’s highest (above replacement) birthrate neighbourhood, the slowly gentrifying part of town whose very name was once a byword for crazy white trash lowlifes.

This Earth Day, as happened when he lived there, roving gangs of little white Village of the Damned children will take to the streets, chanting “turn out your lights” at non-compliant windows.

How are more future Dippers and Democrats a positive thing?

Yes, I realize I’m not pitching in. I never wanted kids for dozens of reasons, and am too old now, anyhow.

But again: I don’t think “low birthrate” is necessarily bad, if only we could get everyone else to abstain.


Multiculturalism: When Will the Sleeper Awake?


The Mayor of London cannot think the following thought:

Last summer’s riots were initially and essentially race riots, with what is left of England’s native underclass only joining in later as scavengers. (…)

So the dismal educational outcomes the mayor cites were not the cause of the riots. Rather, both London’s mass functional illiteracy and the riots are effects of a common cause: fifty years of insane immigration policies turning the capital into a Tower of Babel (…).

Multiculturalism’s horrible consequences can, this fool mayor tells us, be cured with a little extra algebra. (…)

In that future world, nations that had the sense to remain ethnically intact and which had “Arctic” distributions of intelligence, behavior, and personality—China, Japan, Korea (presumably united by then), Finland maybe, Israel if she survives, just possibly Russia, some outlier oddities such as, perhaps, Hungary—will have steamed ahead of those who inflicted the multi-culti blight upon themselves.

The rest of us will either be dragging ourselves along wearily, towing behind us the millstones of unproductive, unassimilable, low-human-capital subpopulations left over from the Age of Multiculturalism, along with the associated frictions and rancors; or else we shall have broken up in complete ethnic disaggregation, casting off those subpopulations to fend for themselves in mini-states of their own while we join—rejoin, really—the ethno-nationalist march of mankind.


Another MoveOn victory: Rush Limbaugh loses… two stations (in small markets)

Behold the mighty power of the progressive ransom seekers!


But will he turn out to be a ‘white’ Hispanic?

That’s what SDAMatt asked when he sent me his link:


VDare has been reporting on Black/Hispanic friction for years but scr*w those cwazy wacists sooooo sleeeepppyyyy zzzzzzzzzz


How did you start beating your wife? The Toronto bookstore saga contines (video)

David Menzies doing his Menzoid thang!

Note that the woman urging him to leave the store isn’t one of the owners — she’s a reporter for a rival news network:


‘Anchorman 2′ — I’m usually opposed to sequels, but… ‘I love lamp!’


Today in Trayvon Martin™ News: no justice, no pieces of glass!

About 100 students who walked out of class at North Miami Beach Senior High School in honor of Trayvon Martin,… ended up ransacking a Walgreens drugstore, breaking displays and merchandise, North Miami Beach police said.

SondraK also has the best Spike Lee line:

“He can’t even do the wrong thing right.”

Spike Lee has (finally) apologized. Ed Driscoll has the details, and a snippet from an old interview with Lee you’ll want to read.