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Scariest thing about ‘Nazis at the Center of the Earth’? Gary Busey has a son


(NOT to be confused with Iron Sky, a.k.a. Nazis on the Moon)

I’m pretty sure neither of these new movies will be as good as She Demons (1958), a.k.a., If Those Nazi Scientists Ended Up On a Desert Island Instead of at NASA.


Talent Isn’t Everything: 5 Tips for Freelance Success (my latest at PJMedia)

freelance writing tipsHere’s an excerpt:

It’s almost impossible to proofread your own work, but you also want to submit the best copy or article (or report to your boss) that you can.

Here’s how I get around that:

If I have an assignment due Tuesday morning, I take one last look at it Monday night, then sleep on it.

On Tuesday morning, I open the Word doc and immediately change the size and type of the font.

If I wrote the article in Verdana, I change it to a serif font like Times, then bump it up two sizes.

I may even switch the text to blue, green or red.

This tricks my brain into reading the piece as if for the first time.

Inevitably, I notice a typo, factual error, overused word or awkward sentence…

(Keep reading for more.)


‘So condescending…’ Penn Jillette sings about ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ (video)

Earworm warning:

PLUSrecapping last night:

When she did that during the jingle-writing task, that led to both more yelling from Lisa and gave us more of what has become a highlight of this season: Clay Aiken reactions.

Both in the moment (he made faces behind her back) and in interviews, he is hilarious and ridiculously quotable—so quotable I just stopped writing down things he says, because there are too many and they’re much better in context.

Once again, Celebrity Apprentice helps us see a celebrity in an entirely new way.


Uh oh: Tocqueville was only impressed by Americans because… his English wasn’t so hot?

That’s my reluctant takeaway…

Leo Damrosch brings the journey to life, using Tocqueville’s own observations alongside those of his contemporaries, such as Frances Trollope and Charles Dickens, who mocked Americans for their uncouthness.

Tocqueville was more generous: “Much is flawed in the American scene,” he wrote, “but as a whole it grips the imagination.” Damrosch is particularly illuminating when he explains that English visitors were often offended by American colloquial speech.

But Tocqueville was at least partly immune: “a principal reason for [his] apparent lack of snobbery was that his command of English, fluent enough for lively conversation, was not so perfect as to register nuances.”


My husband’s blog: the first one ever mentioned on ‘Menzies Mornings,’ which debuted today



Once more, with feeling…

A last “thank you” to my loyal 5FF readers for making this my most successful month ever as an affiliate!

In all these years, I haven’t even logged a December this busy.

And boy, you guys buy LOTS of fascinating stuff.

(PS: If you click through the link and you’re from Canada, you’ll see a banner at the top of, inviting you to click through to Don’t worry: I earn money from anything you buy there as well.)


April will also be one of my busiest months, traffic-wise, beating last month by just over 10%.

Thanks again!


Y2Quixote: ‘New research finds that wind farms actually warm up the surface of the land underneath them…’

More tilting at windmills — in a good way.


Remember that time Johnny Rotten drawled ‘I dunno the words’ while singing… uh, I forget…

I’ll remember it later.

(UPDATE: “Roadrunner.” It would’ve helped my Google search if I hadn’t forgotten that Lydon sang “I dunno the words” and not “I forget…” Oh, forget it.)

Anyhow, I did not know this before:

Former Sex Pistol John Lydon has spoken candidly about how a severe bout of childhood meningitis left him unable to recognise his own parents.

The punk rock legend admitted that the four-year ordeal, which began when he was just seven and living in London, was ‘cruel and tortuous’, as he believed it was all his own fault. (…)

Lydon also speaks openly about the death of his stepdaughter, Arianna Foster – aka Ari Up, a member of the all-female punk band The Slits.

He said of Foster, who died in 2010 from cancer: ‘Arianna didn’t need to die and that’s a very, very tough burden on her mother to know that.

‘She knew she had cancer and she deliberately ignored it and went for lunatic left-wing crackpot theories. And that will kill you stone dead. Every single time.


ABC, ‘American Bandstand’. PiL’s, hilarious, and now infamous, ‘performance’ on the prime time US pop show is broadcast on National TV. Pre-recorded on 3rd May, PiL mime to ‘Poptones’ and ‘Careering.’ Presenter Dick Clarke introduces the band as, “a memorable moment in rock n roll, something special and interesting”.

The longstanding mainstream music show is thrown into chaos as Lydon invites almost the entire audience up to dance with the band on stage!

John barely pretends to mime, and the band swap instruments.

Lydon later commented, “I forgot the words to the song, and I was miming really badly, so I had to act quick. And did. Perfect!”


Jim Goad vs Dan Savage: ‘Tiptoeing Through a Minefield of Pansy Asses’

Nice, but my title would’ve been “Fists Are For, Er… Fisting! Not Fighting!! (Yeah, That’s It! I’m a F***ing Genius!!)”

Anyhow, here’s the best smackdown (alas, he’d probably love it…) of gay anti-bullying bully Dan Savage so far, brought to you by Jim Goad:

Although it remains unclear exactly what buggery has to do with ethical reporting, Professional Homosexual Dan Savage was there to unravel the mystery to a group of Seattle teens on April 13 at the National High School Journalism Convention.

When he started ripping into the Bible—calling it “bullshit” and accusing it of not only being wrong about homosexuality, but also about slavery, masturbation, virginity, and, yes, shellfish—small clusters of students stood up and began leaving.

Their exodus was largely quiet. They did not try to shout him down or sprinkle him with holy water. (…)

What’s the currently acceptable term for a gay male blogger? A blaggot? A glogger? A blomo? Whatever it is, Dan Savage is probably the most prominent one…

 UPDATE — Mark Shea, who coined the phrase “Gay brownshirts on the march!” so many years ago, adds:

I bet there aren’t many 48 year olds who can humiliate kids less than half his age as well as he can. (…)

Dan Savage wins this year’s Son of Ernst Rohm Award for Most Repellent Representative of Gay Community.


Terrible shock: Canadian Zionist activist Rose Lax dies

Condolences to her family, friends and the Never Again Group.


This is pretty much what Jesus was talking about when He more or less said, ‘Chill out, people’

JTA Telegraph:

Jews looking to get in the mood for Shabbat services this week found help in an unlikely place on Friday: the front page of The Wall Street Journal, which featured an article on every synagogue-goer’s greatest fear: dropping the Torah scroll during hagbah, the Torah-lifting ritual.

But some of the paper’s more religious readers may have spent Friday worrying about another problem.

The story ran with a photo of a Torah scroll open to the Ten Commandments in the Book of Exodus, and if you look closely at the blurry text, you can make out God’s name.

Throwing God’s name in the trash is a no-no, so does that mean religious Jews must keep Friday’s WSJ forever, bury it, or place it in a genizah?

The most incredible part of this story is that they found two Rabbis who agreed on something.

In fairness, lots of Christians feel pretty righteous about spending their time cooking up stuff like this.


Actual ‘white Hispanic’ discovered! Eva Longoria ‘speaks on behalf of Latinos’ — despite not actually being one


Just a reminder.


‘…a panhandler wearing a yarmulke and a Star of David around his neck…’

A what now?

RELATED: “Definitely Not A Jew!”


Robin Williams transformed into Charles Manson so gradually I barely noticed

He’s only 60?

Drugs are bad for you, kids.


Jimmy Kimmel at NerdProm (video)

The first bit made me cringe, but his actual intro has some really good stuff: