Happy Easter! (Also? Send money!) (And get a FREE book.) (Maybe.) (Thanks.)

MONDAY a.m. UPDATE: Thanks, everybody!!

First: a thank you to all the folks who, for whatever reason, went on shopping sprees through my Amazon links last month and made it one of my busiest ever!

Second: I just got my tax bill, and being self-employed means that a) I have to cough up a semi-sizable lump sum and b) the bastards will probably also stick me back on quarterly installments again.

So if you’d like to show your support for 5FF — now entering its 12th year  — I wouldn’t say no to a donation.

Donations over US$50 will get a signed copy of my book The Tyranny of Nice (with an introduction by Mark Steyn that’s worth the price!)

And if you’re going shopping online anyway, please consider stopping here first and clicking through my and links.

Adam Carolla made enough money that way to build a new recording studio. My readers aren’t as plentiful, but they’re just as loyal.

Thanks for all your expressions of support, as well as your suggestions and criticisms.

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